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Thread: omg nooooooo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurora86
    That's called bad parenting and laziness

    why wanting a baby if you don't want to take care of him anyway (of course i don't speak of unwanted childs, that's another problem -_-)

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    If you don't want/ can't handle your baby get help
    preferably a family member/friend but even a full time nanny would be better for their kids social development
    If they're on their own and can't afford a nanny obviously that's different but if it's laziness or selfishness then they don't deserve kids

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    I think that the world is in a real problem if we are making ipods for babies to listen to. This directly relates to another item in the news: . This little piece of news is about how Sesame Street is releasing video's for children as young as six months, and is drawing criticism from experts in childhood growth and development. We must ask ourselves, why are these products being made? Because companies see that we as consumers have a need for such things.

    But why would we need these devices for little children? Are we so selfish and in love with ourselves that we will not spend any time with our own children, the flesh of our flesh, blood of our blood? Are we so busy that we cannot devote even a small amount of time for our next generation, the light of our worlds? Are we that neglectful of our duties as teachers and gaurdians of the youths in our care, that we allow impersonal machines to take over our responsibilities as parents for us? Are we just pushing children aside, so that we can pursue our own wants and desires, with a greed, a lust and avarice that is unmatched in recent times, and hearkens back to the epicurean philosophies that brought low great Rome? We need to think about these questions seriously, and rethink how we view the tiny ones, who are not a burden, but rather a gift to be cherished and nurtured.

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    it just hit me that this is probably one of those threads Tevesh is talking about... damn him when hes correct =_=

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    Jakko, have you ever thought that they make the need? Come on, none in his right mind would buy a machine to sing twinkle twinkle to it's months old child.
    Anyway this itod, or itoad thingy, whatever you prefer, is evil! Destroy it! Burn it! Throw it to the incinirator, and then throw the ashes to the wind so that no such infernal machine ever exists again!
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    On the other hand, if someone was not spending timee with the child, I wonder if a movie or song wouldn't be a good thing. One of the problems with single parent house-holds is that the children get talked to less (for nessesairy and obvious reasons) and therefore do not developpe language as fast. While some time to sit a play is nessesairy for imagination/creativity, wouldn't hearing speech be also important? This is of course assuming that the parent is doing other important things, spending time with the child is the greatest of all.


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