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    Quote Originally Posted by otacu
    I wasn't forgetting Ishida. It was Kt that forgot him. He was presented as a rival of Ichigo but during the SS arc played a role inferior to Hanatarou (no offence to him ). He got there just to fight Mayuri (another one that seem to be completely unnecessary to the plot). It's almost like Ishida and Mayuri are part of a completely different plot and have nothing to share with others...

    Ishida was a failure as a rival and as a support charachter. His interaction with Ichigo from the beginning of the SS arc is almost zero and Ichigo never saw him as more than a sidekick (like Chad and Orihime). I'd have liked Ishida to decide on his own to take a different path... maybe an evil one. No, he was forced to train with his father. Since he needed the powers back to play a role bigger than Kon in the story it wasn't his own decision: he was forced. How lame.

    Now we wonder what Ishida and father will do. But i won't call this a good thing. In fact it's like there is no connections with the shinigami story and problems... i feel them just out of place like KT doesn't even know what to do with them. They don't have a purpose, they are alone, they don't have connections or argreements with other group...

    Ishida will eventually break his promise for sure. He was just forced to go with his father. But first we will have a show down with Ichigo and co. to surprise the readers something like

    ichigo and co. - Oh! no Ishida why aren't you on our team?
    Ishida - well i wanted my powers back and....
    Ichigo - and?
    Ishida - ... well it's not like Ichigo is very nice to be with.... he always make you feel like he is good and you are some random Kurilin Tensing or Yamcha.
    Ranji - Mmmh that's right.
    Ichigo - Hey!

    Ishida will fight for awhile (but won't kill anyone of course) then retreat. Then some time later his father will order him to do some asshole job to hurt Ichigo and co. (as they are in league with shinigami) and he will just betray his father.

    End of story for Ishida.

    Putting aside Don Kaonj that is just the clone of Mr.Satan (and i hope he won't have an important role in the future)... we don't have much infos about Urahara and Isshin to make comments...

    Maybe just aking nicely wouldn't have fitted the charachter but how in the world was he thinking that they would teach him how to control his hollow if he doesn't give something in exchange for that? That's plain stupid nonsense. I know that main charachters in shounen aren't supposed to have big brains (from Goku to Naruto) but Ichigo is seriously trying his best to conquer if not the gold medal (heh, that one is just for Goku) at least the silver medal.

    About the dying charachters i completely agree... nobody here is asking for Ichigo to die... or even Rukia, Chad, Ishida and co. (that would be cool but hey it's too much for KT)... but at least some less important charachters... for example Mayuri, or Ukitate, or Unohana (oooooh yesssss that would be good no more cheap resurrections for everyone). Someone please dieeeee!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Bon
    Here's a cliche for you

    Isshin: Ichigo, I...AM...YOU FATHER!
    Ichigo: NOOO!!!
    *Isshin hacks off Ichigo's hand*
    *Ichigo falls to Hueco Mundo*

    It's not that far off, y'know.

    Well, i am enjoying the manga so far. I wonder why Ikkaku, Ayasegawa, Matsumoto, Renji and Hitsugaya were picked. And why wasn't Haineko being shown??? I think it's high time that some explanation about it's abilites is given!

    Why bring Ayasegawa back? I understand Ikkaku, Renji and Hitsugaya, but why the peacock guy? Why not see someone else's Shikai, like Hisagi, Iba, or Isane? To me, they have soem mystery behind them. Ooouooohhhh....

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    The peacock guy has the reiatsu destroying ability, and until we know otherwise we can assume that it would make things problematic even foe Arancar.

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    The reiatsu steal that Yumichika can perform might not be that helpful, since there has to be a limit based on Yumi's own spirit pressure. Since the Arrancar have big spirit pressures, the Espada incredibly so, it won't be like THE move to see. I doubt Hisagi was defeated solely through the drain either. More like they fought, both got tired, Yumi drained Shuuhei, and then Yumi beats Hisagi up because he got jumped by the drain. I can imagine something similar with the gillian-arrancars, but not with the espada or future vastorode-arrancars, because Yumi won't be able to drain enoguh of their power to make a difference.
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