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Well, thank you Mister "Kazechrno" I will be sure to remeber that when I am taking a long hardshit and not caring for your view. I had look at that previous forum and that form is old because the last person to post something was no Jan. the fifth. That topic doesn't have any links to this website that I have posted. Finally, Id introduced more things than the Bleach musical hence, "Bleach Musical and much more" Again, thank you for your imput.
One more thing: Go right ahead to banned me! First of all, fourms are for Imo kids. Secondly, Fourms does not improve my life in no way in shape or form. Thirdly, I only posted this, because I felt like it! So go forth for goal. Fucking Otakus
First, have you not read the rules? The search button is quite useful, and very simple to use. You wanted to post your links? That's fine. BUT you could have posted the links in an already existing thread about the bleach musical.

Uh, I need to ban you because... ? All you did was make a duplicate thread and MANY members make this mistake.
Are you saying that ALL forums are for IMO kids? =.=
Why do you call me an Otaku? FYI I'm not. Don't go calling people names when you don't know a single thing about them.

Really, first I found that it was nice that you gave members those links and that posting it in the wrong spot was a small fault. Now, I'm too hungry to show my disgust. I'm going to go eat, and then finish modding this section.

By the way, that's MISS not Mister.