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Thread: c213 - Trifle

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    Default c213 - Trifle

    Almost finished the script tonight; too sleepy to continue so maybe one of Ju-Ni's translators can pick up the missing lines of dialogue.

    Nite guys; no camshots or raws yet.



    Ikkaku whips the sword over Keigo's head.



    Scene changes to the Urahara Shoten.

    Inside a room, Tessai administers aid to Ururu while Urahara supervises.

    Ururu: ...Ki...Kisuke-san...Kisuke-san...

    Urahara: It's okay, Ururu.

    Outside the room, Jinta worryingly takes a seat.

    The scene changes again to Ichigo.

    Ichigo and Renji watch as Orihime applies medical care to Rukia.

    Orihime watches Ichigo look at Rukia from the corner of her eye.
    She looks away and begins to close her eyes.


    Bleach c213 - trifle

    Aizen and Tousen talk to Grimmjow.

    Translator's note: If the original compiler of this script didn't screw up then Tousen has changed the kanji in his name from 東仙 "east" and "hermit" to 当選 "correct" and "choice." Pretty appropriate for his blind sense of justice, right?

    Aizen:━━Welcome, Grimmjow.

    Grimmjow maintains his silence.

    Tousen:・・・Well, there should be a word of apology from him.


    Tousen:・・・You bastard・・・

    Aizen:It's all right, I haven't gotten angry at all.

    Tousen : Aizen-sama・・・!

    Aizen:One would think that such a dedicated burning heart like his would account for his conduct. Or is it something else, Grimmjow?

    Aizen goes on with his words as he observes Grimmjow's large wound.

    Grimmjow:・・・That's right.

    Suddenly, Tousen snatches Grimmjow by the collar.

    Grimmjow:・・・What are you doing Tousen?

    Tousen:Aizen-sama, allow me to punish this man!!


    Grimmjow:The way I see it, isn't it fine for some poor bastard to chomp down on something if he wants to eat? Is clearance even needed to do such a thing?

    Tousen:You should know that I will not permit those who seek to raise disorder, that is all.

    Grimmjow:For the good of the organization?

    Tousen:Because Aizen-sama wills it.

    Grimmjow:Hah、you should hang that great moral code up somewhere.

    Tousen:Yes, it is a great moral code. One that differs drastically from yours. Justice without a sense of righteousness begets nothing more than slaughter. However, that very same slaughter with a sense of righteousness is justice.

    Translator's note: First the name change, now this depraved logic? It's official, Tousen's lovebird dying really knocked him over the deep end.

    While saying this, Tousen takes Grimmjow's left arm with a single stroke.


    Translator's note: O_O; he really wants to be as hardcore as Zaraki. That definitely got my attention.

    Tousen:Hadou #54: Waste Flame.

    Translator's note: This is a new Kidou which uses the kanji 廃 "waste, rubbish, trash" and 炎 "blaze, flame." There were no furigana, so I can't give you the the correct Japanese term; my guess is Haien.

    Grimmjow's left arm burns to cinders.

    Grimmjow:Damn!!! Shit! Damn!! Damn!!! You freak・・・! My arm・・・!! I'll kill ya!!!

    Aizen:Stop, Grimmjow. If you attack Tousen here ━━ I shall take away all your priveleges.

    Grimmjow: Che!

    Gnashing his teeth, Grimmjow leaves the area.
    Afterwards, a voice addressing Aizen descends a nearby stairway.

    ?:・・・Playing with your subordinates・・・that's not a good thing to do・・・

    Aizen:━━So you saw, Gin.


    Aizen:・・・I wonder.

    Gin:The Arrancar's limbs have already begun to go・・・

    Aizen:There is no problem. After all, it is only those of the worst class (Girian). No delay in our plans has been reported; if we can perfect the highest class (Vastoroode), the Espada, then no enemy can stand in our way.

    Translator's note: Remember, in Japanese the kanji used for Espada is 十刃; literally "Ten Blades."

    Fanning:All which dance ・・・ within the grasp of his palm.

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    What? Tousen is with Aizen? Better read ch212... Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krizomet
    What? Tousen is with Aizen? Better read ch212... Thanks!
    Huh ?
    Yes Tousen, Aizen and Gin are together.

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    ahhh....nice one Djudge. thanks. but i swear...Tousen's lost it...he wants to have peace, yet he backs Aizen in creating arrancar to destroy SS and the material world...what a nut...

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    Behind you...


    well if they destroy everything then there won't be anything to disturb the peace... maybe he blames the whole of creation for being flawed and wants to help create a new one (seen this motive more than once so I guess it's popular)
    \"All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream\"

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    That's... quite messed up.
    I have laid my dreams under your feet;
    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

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    judgin by the text, it seems that tousen has become mad powerful. u think hes a vizard(shinigami-->hollow) yet?

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    RAW is out. Grab it here:

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    I always seem to get a different impression that you guys.
    Didn't anyone else interpret this chapter NOT as tousen going insane? : P I thought it was pretty clear he was testing whether or not the arrankar's bodies were losing integrity for Aizen

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    Tnx Djudge for the trans...

    Now some goodies:


    And on bleachsp, router made this great paralelism between Gin and Tousen...

    GIN- represents the evil, but looks like a good guy
    TOUSEN- represents de the good, but looks like the bad guy

    GIN- Everyone likes him
    TOUSEN- every one hates him

    GIN- closed eyes and sees all
    TOUSEN- Open eyes, but can't see anything

    GIN- always smiling
    TOUSEN- never smiles

    GIN- is pale
    TOUSEN- is black

    GIN- has silver-whitish hair
    TOUSEN- Has black hair

    GIN- has a zampakutou that forms a line
    TOUSEN- has a zampakutou that forms a circle

    GIN- CARISM:10

    There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who doesn't...


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