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Thread: The Connection of Races in Bleach

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    Default The Connection of Races in Bleach

    I've spent some time trying to figure out the anomaly that Ichigo and how he can have all these different aspects to him. So went down the line trying to figure out the differences and yet connections between Humans, Souls, Shinigami, Hollows, Fullbringers and Quncies.
    It's quite a headache to be sure. But stuck in my head till i could try to figure it out and type it up.
    It's starts from the basics of the different dimensions of Soul society the mortal world, hueco mundo and little known of Hell. And what impact these areas have on souls.
    Souls born in the mortal world have physical bodies that contain the soul and can impacted by foreign rieshi placed within them. When a soul is seperated from the body and the chain of fate is severed. It devours itself because the soul can't control it's own reishi within the soul sleep.
    In short the soul sleep is the source of the reishi and the chain is the regulator of the energy from what i can gather. A soul wandering the human world can't control the energy so it becomes self destructive and acts on instinct consuming itself. As is the hollow's main instinct.

    When this occurs the soul will reconstruct itself to adapt to the make up of hueco mundo.
    A soul that goes to soul society however is able to adapt to the enviorment there.
    It is interesting to note however that souls by themselves are unable to travel to soul society and instead instinctively go to hueco mundo. Which seems to represent purgatory. So hollow is the natural progression for a soul in the mortal realm.
    Soul society seems to pacify souls preventing this errosion. they meanwhile promotes the control of one's own reishi utilizing the soul sleep and chain. Control of one's own reishi by mind seems to be the key difference that creates the shinigami.

    The quincy meanwhile are called the opposite to shinigami. When one would think it is the hollow.
    Meaning the hollow is the middle ground.

    So as i see it. Quincy can only be opposite to shinigami if they are created from hell.
    Since Yhwach is the source of all quincy but we know nothing of his birth,
    I surmise he must have been born of hell.
    We also know that for some reason. The reishi of hollows is poisonous to quincy. Yet when a quincy dies. The quincy part of them returns to Yhwach. So quincy or hell qualities never carry over into soul society or stay with a normal soul.
    Meanwhile hollow powers can be intergrated with shinigami and vice versa.
    Meaning that the quincy hell line is somehow completely opposite to both.
    Yet one would think that shinigami powers being the heavenly sort would be the poisonous one to quincy and not the middle ground hollows.

    So what this comes to in terms of humans is. shinigami are humans with reishi of the heavenly dimension.
    fullbringers: the humans with purgatory based reishi.
    quincy: The humans with hell based reishi.
    Ichigo and Koga seem to be the only examples of humans with shinigami powers.
    Namely that the human body can survive while the soul leaves. Thereby allowing other outside reishi like those of quincy and hollow to balance within the spiritual body while allowing the physical body to manifest the other aspects.
    As such because ichigo is a human with born infused shinigami abilties. This somehow allows his quincy abilities to stay with his soul outside of his body.

    White, the experimental hollow of Aizen's was a hollow bred from shinigami souls. But since it had soul infusion capabilty. it likely was altered with an artificial soul. Which given how reishi is in soul society is the broken particles of human souls that reached the limit of reincarnation are mashed together till one fraction of those souls becomes the head. Basicly the exact same thing that hollows instinctively do when they evolve.
    Thus the blank souls like the asauchi. White as such infused itself into Masaki the quincy but was stabalized and unable to grow as ishin blocked it.
    The hollow within her thusly manifested within Ichigo at birth but was stable since Ishiin was already a shinigami/human hybrid himself.
    So white manifests by it's asauchi nature and becomes Ichigo's zanpakuto buried in Ichigo's soul.

    The quincy side manifesting in tandem. So when Rukia stabbed him and forcibly infused shinigami reishi into him. it caused a chain reaction allowing his hollow to manifest as his zanpakuto.

    But when he lost Rukia's power and Urahara foribly let his inner hollow out. His quincy powers took over the manifested blank asauchi the hollow created and became his zanpakuto instead of his normal quincy powers. So old man zangetsu is in affect a quincy soul in a gigai. Which is what asauchi basicly are.

    Just blanks shinigami incorporate their reishi on to that manifest and in effect are the true shinigami.

    Which leads me to think Ichigo doesn't even have a true zanpakuto since both are manifested from two foreign reishi in his body and not born of his own soul.

    So yeah really long ramble that goes all over the place as this was just a wall to bounce my own ideas off of as i type.

    Hopefully someone likes it so enjoy.

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    Great post, but I doubt the author has put as much thought into the series as you have.
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    Interesting theory, Its pretty well thought out and seems plausible although it reminds me of the old macro of trying to apply real life logic to fantasy series... sometimes these fictional universes get convoluted and when seriously analyzed flaws appear.

    also, Lol @henchy.

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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