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    Default c209 translation

    I just don't agree with the limit thing would of prefered a scrap fight with some just wins.Instead of this we have our full power now we will win or now were back in the fight >>seems too fanservice to me.
    Man roman's predictions are sharp.

    any how transaltion by hiken:
    Not my best work but it'll do for now

    -c209 Lift the Limit-

    Pg 3
    Shawlong- Hmm, as one would expect of a captain. It’s really amazing that even while only displaying this difference of power you don’t run away and continue facing me in that form.
    Histugaya- …chi. You said you were Shawlong Kuufan right? There’s one thing I would like to ask you. You said that you were arankaru no. 11 or the 11th one meaning among all the aranakaru’s you are the 11th in strength right?
    Shalong- No… our number is not “the order of strength” but “the order in which we were born” but…

    Pg 4
    Shawlong- that is “only limited” to me and under
    Histugaya- ?!
    Shawlong- I shall tell you so you understand well, first by means of the hougyoku we were reborn from hollow to arankaru, then from the order we were born we were given a number. From among that those who excelled in killing power were picked out and based on the order of their high killing power they were given a number from 1 to 10.

    Pg 5
    Shawlong- And then those 10 were chosen and are called the Espadas and had the number given to them written into their own flesh. They dominate with authority over those numbers 11 and below. I shall tell you very clearly that the strength of the Espadas is on a difference level than us. And now that I mention it there is one Espada among us who came to Earth.

    Pg 6
    Shawlong- The one who was given no. 6 by Aizen-sama, Sexta Espada Grimmjow Jagaajaaku.

    Pg 8
    Ichigo- ****
    Grimmjow- Hey are you underestimating me Shinigami? I still don’t quite feel like killing you.

    Pg 9
    Grimmjow- Get a grip and quickly give it to me, your Bankai, if you don’t then you and that dead looking shinigami over there will be full of holes
    Ichigo- You *******…

    Pg 10
    Ichigo- Ban Kai!
    Grimmjow- Is that it?

    Pg 11
    Hitsugaya- [Not yet still? At this rate it’ll be a waste Matsumoto…]
    Matsumoto- [Still not yet? It’s late…]

    Pg 12
    Voice on communicator- Matsumoto Rangiku 10th division vice captain-sama, the “Limit release” approval request has been approved

    Pg 13
    Matsumoto- Thank you. Captain! Renji!

    Pg 14
    Matsumoto- The limit release has been approved
    Hitsugaya- It finally came
    Renji- I’ve been waiting for this
    Shawlong- What’s that…?

    Pg 15
    Matsumoto, Renji, Hitsugaya- Limit Release!

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    Somewhere cold...


    Lots of translating there, domo.

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    LQ is out by manga7




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