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    Default Bleach: Chapter 538

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    This was quite refreshing to see what was going on with everyone else.

    Wtf @ Hitsu reverting back to baby back bitch mode. Train again in the basics? As a captain shouldnt he be at the pinnacle of basic shinigami swordsman?? Does having a Bankai really only just constitutes of swinging a blade wildly and letting the elaborate effects just mindlessly shower on our opponent Hitsu? Also what was up witht that scene with Ichigo? Renji had to beat all those zapakutou spirits/forms whereas ichigo just shook it's hand? What was the symbolism meant behind that jesture?

    Holy f**k balls at Kuma's dad/granddad?? Looks since he doesn't have his Bankai/Shikai ability anymore he's going to try and relearn the ways of the gigantic anthropomorphic fighting style technique?

    And damn Kira! Holding out on the rest of Soul Society like Renji and Baldy with your Bankai abilities and shit. I dot see why training to use his bankai ability would be a wise move for him against an opponent notorious for stealing bankais though. Seem quite counter-intuitive actually >_>. Good to see Kensei again though.

    "He is now declaring his words to the WORLD!"

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    Yeah, Hitsugaya going back to the very basics is kind of dumb, if you ask me. He could just spar with some other people on his level to achieve better results, if you ask me.

    Ichigo not having to fight those things shows how well he's come to know his own self, I presume. He's at peace now!

    As for other people with bankai, well, without they don't have any chance at all and maybe crazy scientist guy is working on a counter right now, so having a bankai can only help.

    I lol'd that Komamura's origin comes in now, at the end At least Kubo hasn't forgotten about him.

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    I took that talk with Kensai differently, I don't think he can use Bankai more along the lines of i'm gonna beat the Bankai out of you, he told him that they need more people with Bankai because there's a chance he could lose his, just before the punch he said "I can't suddenly" i'm taking it he can't use it yet but it's on it's way. Sajin has always been one with his bankai, so he's the one taking the hits so i'm thinking he's just gonna say fuck it, it's gonna be me taking the hits head on from now on no more hiding behind my giant statue.

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    Just one talk with Dad and Ichigo is already Godlike, with zanpakutos bowing in respect and their master personally vowing to forge him a new one. May be now it is enough for him to waive his hand to return all stolen Bankais to captains.

    Meanwhile, Isshin does not seem to care much about SS or the father of all quincies. Just wrap it up, Kubo!

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    It's cool to finally see how Isshin knows Uryuu's dad.

    I'm curious to see what Isshin will do now that he recovered all his power!?
    On one hand, as a human, he still has Karin and Yuzu to take care of
    On the other hand, as shinigami captain, he probably still has his bankai... so he could be quite useful in that war!




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