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The 10th division captain was never shown in TBtP arc so for all we know he could have been a captain longer then Urahara. Plus would it surprise you if Urahara was stronger then Isshin, this is the guy who gained Bankai in 3 days.
The only flaw with that theory is Urahara was promoted ahead of the 10th division captain. You don't promote person A over person B if person B is stronger, unless there is a political agenda behind it.
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I dont understand what makes the cloaks so different from when Aizen used it compared to Urahara. Aizen is practically invisible. I wonder if he's using the cloak in conjunction with that conceal ability he used on Shinji (that the latter effortlessly ripped apart) when he was eavesdropping on him?
It appears that Aizen took Urahara's idea and made it better by adding kidou within the fabric of the cloak, making you invisible.