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Thread: Bleach: Chapter 497

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    Quote Originally Posted by black flash View Post
    Saying the others suck when you just named the top kidō users is a bit funny. Aizen's a genius, Tessai was the Kidō corp captain, Urahara's a genius and lived with Tessai and Yoruichi and has been with them for over a 100 years, Hacchi was the Kidō corp vc and Yama is the general commander of the Gotei 13.
    Well I don't mean to be disrespect to the other captains but I'm only respond to Yazen question about high level kido. To me, level 80 and above is considered a high level kido and so far we only see those people that I mentioned capable of doing it.

    And yeah, Kubo should include more Kido arts in the battle other than their own swordplay. That chapter where Uruhara continuously use kido against Aizen (heck, he even stack a high level kido onto a high level kido) is one of the best.

    After all, I think we can assume there's a total of 100 types of Kido? (the highest so far being the 93: Black Coffin if I'm not mistaken)

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    The highest we've seen is Hadō 96 - Lone Blade Cremation which Yama used against Aizen, Black Coffin is 90 and Urahara used Hadō 91 - Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear on Aizen. Hacchi used Bakudō 99 part 1 - Seal on Kensai when he went hollow in TBtP and Tessai used Bakudō 99 part 2 - Great Seal on Ichigo when he first went Hollow at the beginning of the Manga.

    Kidō and Hakuda are the only two Techniques that actually have a power level depending on who uses them, Hado 4 - White Lightning would be a 100x more powerful coming from Yama then it is Byakuya, so even if they can do high level Kidō it doesn't mean it's going to have any effect. Plus Quincie's absorb Reishi wouldn't they be able to do the same with Kidō?

    What I want to know is why can they only take Bankai's, it would make more sense to take there Shikai as we have yet to see anyone jump from sealed to Bankai, leaving them with Shikai means they still have abilities that they can use. Maybe there going to try and take there Shikai abilities for themselves.

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    I'm guessing they can only take Bankai's because it's a full release of the spirit inside. Quincy's can absorb reiatsu but are they able to from surprise attacks or high level attacks?

    Also, I can't wait to see the Vizards fight. They never really released their swords anyways.

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    we have yet to see Shinji's and rose's bankai

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    ^ The only Captain level Vizard's Bankai we've peaked at was Kensei' we've yet to see alot more than just Shinji and Rose's Bankai.

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