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    Quote Originally Posted by ShiShiba View Post
    So I'm assuming Ginjou is eventually going to become a hollow-like monstrosity. Taking in account of Bleach law (there will be no such thing as logic used, you will observe the villains transformations, and Ichigo needs to face something hollow-themed to go all out), it must happen. Ginjou seems to have failed/not have the ability to regain his former shinigami powers, and, if the explanation that fullbrings are derived from hollow reiatsu, then Ginjou should currently be at a surplus, and ultimately an instability, of hollow reiatsu. He has two or more fullbrings within his possession(with the latter being more likely, since it is easily assumed that he killed the last group of fullbringers, whilst absorbing their powers). I figure when he exhausts his own personal reiatsu while fighting Ichigo, he will either attack the fullbringers that are there, extracting their powers as well (however not killing them, nobody good dies in Bleach, only Tsuki can die), or just lose control on the spot. Ginjou goes into rage mode, Ichigo goes bankai, takes a dump on Butter-Ginjou, fullbringers are free from their "accursed" powers, everyone's happy, the end, onto the (hopeful) final arc.

    While I probably am over-analyzing to a gross extent, this is just what's on my mind.
    I dont think he can steal Ichigo's Hollow as he cannot take Zangetsu from Ichigo. remmeber what Zangetsu told Ichigo? that he and hollow Ichigo are one.

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    Oh, I totally get what you're saying. I don't think he absorbed ichigo's inner hollow, for the very reason that you said. I just think that the small portion of hollow reiatsu required for a fullbring, when gathered en masse, would lead to some adverse effects.

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    Eh, next chapter is basically gonna be a fight with a bunch of explanation of who Ginjou is from the Captains... someone's gonna be like "Yeah, he did a damn good job until something corrupted him...." and someone else will be like "Must have been Aizen and his hollowification" and then Rangiku is gonna be like "Look at my boo.....umm, yeah, you're right Toushirou-kun!" and then Toushirou is gonna blush and be all like "Uhh, where did Kenpachi go?" and Kenpachi is gonna be all like "You can't beat me!!!".....

    yeah, after having read what I just wrote... it's definitely not gonna happen like that. But more than likely, it will still be a big fight scene (probably just one or two slashes of their swords), a little bit of talking, a big blank page (or black page), and the end. Oh, i forgot the page that is pretty much their feet in little panels and the title of the chapter running really hugely down the middle. Sounds like the stereotypical Bleach chapter to me..... But i still love the series. cheers


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