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Well I don't think the power scale really fucked up.
REALLY? ok then how do you explain that> Ichigo without bankai "ties" with Kenpachi and then Ichigo with Bankai "beats" Byakuya (or can boast to be at the same level) then Ichigo gets his ass handed to him by Grimjow the fist time they meet. Grimjow is so powerful compared to Ichigo that he can stop his Bankai with his fingers... and then the guys that Ichigo "tied" with at the beggining without Bankai-Zaraki Kenpachi remember him? he beat a guy that was STRONGER than the man that made Ichigo eat dust with his fingers with Ichigos crap-ass Bankai and all. Not to mention the fact that it's pretty clear now that Zaraki could probably eat Byakuya alive and Ichigo "tied with him with absolutely no power-up? And I would go on a limb and say that this is pretty darn fucked up.