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    Cool Bleach: Chapter 379: No True Answer

    Ichigo vs Yammi

    Yammi is on the ground in front of Ichigo's sword.

    Ichigo makes sure he's out, then puts his left hand on his mask.

    He waves his hand over it

    As his mask disappears and his normal face returns, Rukia feels an indescribable uneasiness.

    Rukia's thoughts: "What...? Just now...
    Weren't the patterns on Ichigo's mask different...?
    Certainly even until now the patterns had been changing little by little,
    but now, the pattern is completely different than it has been...!!
    What in the world is it becoming....Ichigo....!!"

    At the same time Ichigo also feels an uneasiness.

    Ichigo's thoughts: "What the...That uncomfortable feeling just now...!?
    That hollowfication...something was strange...Like...the mask has become heavy...
    Is it because of *that*....!?"

    His fight with Ulquiorra on top of the dome comes to mind.

    At that moment Yammi, whom Ichigo thought to be defeated, attacks again.

    Ichigo barely avoids it.

    As Ichigo dodges the attack, his face smashes into a building.

    Yammi: "...Damn...I was a little bit cut...Damnit...!!"

    Ichigo's expression changes at Yammi's words.

    Ichigo: "A little bit cut...!?
    He took a masked Getsuga Tenshou on the head and he's just a bit cut...!?

    Yammi: "Are you surprised!!? Look closely at my number '0'.
    I'm the number 0 Espada, Yammi Rialgo. Not one of the Espada
    you fought until now has been stronger than me. Not GJ,
    not Nnoitra, and Not Ulquiorra!! To me they're all like trash!!"

    Yammi then let's out a cry and swings his fist at Ichigo.

    Ichigo has no counter and is blown away.

    Yammi: "How's that, huh!? It's not a cero, it's bala!!
    And also this power!! I don't even need a plan against
    a trash insect like you!"

    Ichigo: "A plan?...Until now it's not like I had a plan...
    it's just that I won because I had to simple as that.
    I don't care if you're more special than the other espada...
    I'll defeat you because I have to. That's all."

    Yammi: "You're way too cocky, kid!!
    I'll show you the difference in our powers and bury you with
    that bravado!!"

    Yammi fires more balas at Ichigo.

    As he's blown away he ruminates over Yammi's words.

    "To me they're all like trash!

    "GJ and Noitra and Ulquiorra"

    Ichigo thinking: "...It's a strange feeling. even though it's
    their comrades who died, Inoue still had a pained expression..."

    Ichigo raises his sword again and says to Yammi
    with challenging eyes:

    Ichigo: "...It's a strange feeling. I don't hope to feel true
    kinship towards you guys...and I don't regret cutting down your
    comrades...And yet, I don't care for the way you put down
    those guys who have fought up till now."

    And so Ichigo places his left hand over his face.

    Ichigo: "Wha.......!?"

    His mask doesn't come out.

    Ichigo is shaken at this unexpected development.

    And Yammi instantly grabs him.

    Ichigo becomes unable to move while in Yammi's grasp.

    Ichigo: "Damn...!!"

    Yammi: "Hahahahahaha! It seems you can't bring out your stinking mask!!"

    Ichigo: "Damn...Why can't I bring out my mask...Is it related to that
    uneasy feeling from before...!?"

    Yammi: "Well it looks like you're through. You put up a good fight,
    at least compared to those tumbling shits over there."

    And so Yammi says, "Die, you shit!" and tries to squeeze him to
    death with his right hand.

    "Hadou 33, Sokatsui!"

    Yammi: Argh! Wh...what!? Hey you, come out!!"

    Yammi: "What the hell!?"

    In a flash somebody cuts Yammi's leg.

    "Why the hell are you butting in front of me. Get lost!"

    "...What are you saying."

    Byakuya and Kenpachi have arrived.

    Byakuya: "I'm the one who arrived first. It's good for the elder to know his place."

    Kenpachi: "Ha! You don't even know about getting involved and
    tearing things from limb to limb."

    Two great rivals, paying an announced visit...!?

    Continued in Bleach 380.

    Spoiler Pics

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    What can I say... LOL...?
    Quote Originally Posted by Douglas Adams

    In the beginning the Universe was created.

    This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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    ^Ichigo's a waste of space and his time limit seems to have come back out of knowhere. It looks like this is moving closer and closer to Unohana taking Yammi down.

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    I sure hope she'll do it. At least we'd see something new.

    Zaraki and Byakuya... How are they supposed to be of some sort of help when the opponent is even stronger than Stark? Oh well...
    Quote Originally Posted by Douglas Adams

    In the beginning the Universe was created.

    This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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    Lol, so itīs th 2nd option (he doesnīt kill Yammi and gets help ).
    Now I wonder how many chapter it takes them to kill Yammi off xD

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    Unohana's going to step onto the scene, and then Kenpachi and Byakuya are going to step back and share a cup of tea.

    But seriously. First Ichigo can use that mask for an unlimited amount of time, with no explanation. And no, he has his time limit back, also with no explanation. Its just another excuse for him to go back into his own little world, fight Hichigo again, and then be able to use it for 12 seconds this go around. But when he fights Aizen, he can use it for 366 days.

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    I like how the chapter can be summed up in a couple lines, with all the extra expressions and irrelevant smaller detailed stuff following the dashed lines -_-.

    So at the end of the day Ichigo's badass debut is overshadowed by his inability to, once again, maintain his form. The way he came in and was tellin rukia that he'd handle it lead me to believe that he KNEW he had an upgrade and he KNEW he'd been able to take him out. But it seems as if he just came in the fight and started talkin big out of pure cockiness (im not disappointed though cause this means that ichigo's still a chum with a time limit ) Zaraki and Byakuya are gonna get mowed down as well which would leave Mayuri and Unohana to intervene.

    "He is now declaring his words to the WORLD!"

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    So Ichigo didn't win the right to use the new powers from his hollow because he didn't beat him on the inside world? That seems the proper explanation for this. The mask he put on was the new one that his hollow had earned, but the pattern changes to the one he had control over before. Since there is conflict, the mask can't be called back so easily.

    Question is, does he need to confront his evolved hollow in the same way as last time, or simply raise his strength to a level that is equivalent before he can take control?

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    Yeah that sounds about right. Hichigo warned him the moment he became weaker for even a moment Hichigo would take over. So for all his bravado as i said. ichigo himself is weak and it's only his hollow who is strong.

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    I don't think it is a time limit issue, I think that he is going to need to go talk to old man Zangetsu. While there he will see that his inner world is really F-ed up. It probably looks something like a third world country, fires raging and lots of black as opposed to the plethora of white we saw last time. Zangetsu, will say something like your latest transformation has caused a destabilization and you need to overcome this, before you loose yourself and become nothing more than a espada. Only then can he call upon both sides and fight toe to toe with Aizen.
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