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    Default If you died in Bleach World. Shinigami vs. Hollow

    Here is something to burn some time with. Presume you died in the world of Bleach. Would you rise up as a shingami? Or decay into a hollow? What motivates you into choosing that path? Did you choose it? Your personality plays a huge part.

    As a shinigami what kind of sword would you have? It's shape and type (kidou/strength). Would you use kidou over sword techs? Or hand to hand combat? Why?

    As a hollow what kind of shape would you take? What abilities would you have? You have to start as a basic hollow before becoming a menos.

    Here's mine: Hollow.
    I hold grudges and negative emotions, which in Bleach world would make me a demi-hollow that will evolve into a hollow.

    Shape: Meduim.
    Formless features due to ever changing personality/moods. Being unpredictable and inexplainable even to myself.

    Abilities: Assimulate. Shape shift. Farmilars.
    Consume any other entity and become one with it. Animal, shinigami, hollow, etc.
    Able to shape shift body into different parts for different functions. example: a mouth can appear out off my chest. Centipede to grib enemies. Claws, fangs, and talons to attack.
    Can create lesser beings out of myself since I am made off many.

    If I became a shinigami

    Type: Kidou Based.
    Prefer supporting from the back over head to head combat. Physically weak, but capable of strategic decisions.

    Shikai: The sword breaks away and becomes a hilt. In place of a blade, I can utilize any type of kidou. For instance I can use a barrier type kidou and strike an arm. The enemy can no longer use that arm. If I were to strike an ally with healing kidou, it would heal the area I strike. The shape of this "blade" varries according to the type of kidou; large kidou spells will take larger forms. This enables me to use kidou close range without incantantions and immediately change to any type of kidou depending on the situation. The sword also magnifies my kidou into a small area, making its' effect much more intense.

    Bankai: Enables the sword to assimulate two kinds of Kidou to produce a different effect, changing its shape and range.
    Healing Kidou with Destruction Kidou creates buffs. (lightning increases speed, fire increases damage, earth increases resistance to damage, etc.)
    Mixing different kinds of destruction kidou can create new types of attacks/effects. (corrosion/ absorbing spirit energy/ slowing down movement/ amplifying damage/ etc.)
    Healing Kidou with Barrier Kidou creates powerful defensive shields. (the barrier is capable of healing itself, making it difficult to destroy.)
    Mixing different types of Barrier Kidou allows the user to manupliate space. (Attacks made to user can be forced back into the enemy by altering the space between the user and attack, or attacks made to the enemy can be moved to strike a blind spot. Also the user is capable of teleporting.)
    Destruction Kidou with Barrier kidou creates degeneration aura. (anything within its space will take damage, slow down, and lose energy at a slow rate. while this happens the user's sword cannot be used in direct combat and must fend for himself.)
    Mixing two different kinds of Healing Kidou allows the user to recall a memory of anything the sword has cut. (memories are as strong as that person at that moment, but have to be maintained by feeding them energy and concentration.)

    Sword's gender: Neither, completely formless like a ghost. Can morph into anyone in memory.
    Shikai name: Thousand Faces.
    Bankai name: The one with a Thousand Faces, Mercurial.
    Inner world: Dry desolated land, filled with different countless swords struck into the ground.

    This is taking into account of the types of Kidou seen. Way of Destruction, Way of Binding, and Healing kidou. And yes, my Bankai has alot of forms.
    Each type of Bankai can only be used seperately. The only drawback for using this soul slayer is that it consumes a crap load of spirit energy, it also lacks a "finishing move".
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    i think i would be a shinigami because im not really attached to anything in the real world that would make me go hollow.

    i would probly have a poison type zanpakuto(you can go to the create your own zanpakuto 2.0 thread to see mine) because thats how i would prefer to fight, poison my enemies and then run away lol. and i would probly use hand to hand combat because i always liked the way those fights look.

    i would probly try to go to squad 2 because or the onmitsukido(im not sure if there the same thing or not) because they remind me ninjas and i freaking love ninjas

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    Soul Reaper, for sure. Basic hollows are dismissed as prey for them lol, you'd have to fast track your evolution to last.

    I'd probably focus on everything BUT kido. So yes, i'd want to end up in 11th company. Maybe try out for Kenpachi one day... xD

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    True, basic Hollows are weak, but it takes shinigami years to attain Bankai much less master it. So on an even field, Basic hollows would match normal shinigami, as it takes just as long for them to evolve.
    Not to mention Vastlord>Captain. Kubo also did not put much detail into Hollow abilities, thus I would like if people could create *ahem* better abilities that are interesting.
    You could also put in Vastlord abilities, if you can think of any...

    Also not many soul slayers were fully released, and theres not many Kidou based ones...

    Shunsui- Bankai?
    Yama-ji- Bankai?
    Unohana- Bankai?
    Gin- Bankai?
    Aizen -Bankai?
    Nanao- ?
    Ukitake- Bankai?
    Most Vaizards
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    I'd most likely end up as a hollow. I'm too angry as a person to not descend into such a state.

    Hmm... although I'd make a good shinigami if I was purified and rose up in rank on the other side. After all, my user name is "Angel of Death" (because it was a gaming name first).

    The hollow me would have two sets of arms, some kind of wings, and a second set of distended lower jaws on my mask (think zerg hydrolisk). Strength would be the main attribute until my power rose. ceros would be nice, but that's assuming I got to that level.

    As a shinigami I'd be an Aizen type (because his personality is like mine when being devious). I don't know about ability... although I'd be better in Kido than sword play. Although, two smaller claw like weapons as a shikai would be possible (electric type)

    -sigh- you think I'd know better about this kind of thing after the third time I almost died... oh well, this isn't that world.




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