Barragan was shattered into pieces by that attack
Soifon still looks angsty and beats up her lieutenant some more

Someone steps into view
"Looks like you're in some trouble"
Various captains: ?!
"The name's D.E Machina, called here by someone or other ages ago, who got in by some vague unexplained way. Now..."
(insta pwns the 2 remaining espada)
"Just these guys left huh..."
(He draws his sword)
"Insult the readers intelligence... Mary Sue..."
His release grants him maxed out powers and the amazingly convenient ability to see through complete hypnosis
(pwns the 3 rogue captains without giving them the chance to do much of anything)

Now, my true purpose! I actually came here to show you in no uncertain terms that I'm a fuckload stronger than all of you, and that I also hate you all for some dickish thing Soul Society did to me ages ago.
Bankai... Arc repetition no jutsu

He promptly steals both Rukia and Orihime and anyone else with tits away to his doom fortress in some vague unexplained way.

Next page is Ichigo, Chad, Renji and Ishida all facepalming
"oh not this shit again"


Yes I was bored.
Yes I know that's no excuse for making you read this.