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    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    And when I said Aizen would be out of Yama's fire prison within the next 2 or 3 chapters (i said that like a chapter ago) pple doubted that.

    So.. i guess its semi confirmed that WW is stronger than Stark and he may infact be a Vaste Lorde? Im a lil dissappointed that we didn't get to see the twin swords' Bankai but im really not heart broken. I wasn't expecting to see it so soon after they both got in action anyways. I AM however looking forward to seeing some Vizard kick ass.
    I don't think they are done forth, just badly damaged and probably very pissed, I am sure they will be back.
    Quote Originally Posted by black flash View Post
    Ukitake and Shunsui have still got alot to show and if Shunsui wasn't damaged to badly then he's gonna get pissed and scream BANKAI!! because his best mate seems to be in a worser state then he is.
    I am sure we will get a chance to see his bankai or I am really going to be pissed wasting time on Soi Fong's useless one.
    Quote Originally Posted by StealDragon View Post
    Interesting... how did the vaizards penetrate the fire prison, wonder if they're stronger than Genryuusai
    Now that I have just looked at the pictures WW blew away basically all the locations or barriers preventing us from knowing if 2 and 3 were alright. The stupid smoke that seemed to linger around Barragan and the ice prison Halibel was chillin in. Thank goodness, and this huge white mass "Superchunky" blew away the fire prison. Interesting indeed. Dag there entrance was bad.
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    Nah... the SS captains look pretty beat.
    Soi Fong's got her arm severed and seemed pretty fatigued after using her Bankai (not to mention bracing herself from the impact of that damn nuke blast)
    Hitsu seems alright physically but he used alot of techs so i dont know how it would affect his stamina,
    Ukitake and Kyoro both got sum near fatal injuries (but honeslty... i have lost faith in tryin to gauge the fatality of bleach injuries, sometimes a stab or cero in the chest is enough to keep u out of a fight and sometimes its not so i really cant say for them).

    The only captains thats still good is Dogg man and Yama Jii. The SS captains, for the most part, are beat as in we wouldn't be seeing them do much for the rest of this "War". They have to many casualities. Thats IMHO. The vizards are here and there #s are great enough to take the Captains' place

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    omg what an insane chapter

    my heart is beating fast right now, so much has happened in just one chapter, everything turned around

    I knew the top 3 were not dead, not after all that hype

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    Oh my god What is this. It's actually a pretty good chapter. And it's starting to make sense. I mean the captains should not have had a chance from the start.

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    @ninjashoes: The top 3 didn't get any hype, and if they did none of it was from the manga but from people on the Bleach Forum.

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    Okay so let's sum this up:
    1) Wonderweiss is definitely a big deal. I'd go as far as to say he's got the Primera beat in ever way.
    2) That marshmellow obviously released Aizen, not WW.
    3) Unless the "Wonder Twins" are able to make a come-back and obliterate the Primera on their own - I'd say all the glory is going to the Vizards.

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    Wow Shunsui and Ukitake getting owned.

    Who knew that was coming.

    Well, to be fair Shunsui was about to chop Wonderweiss in half when Stark came in, so while his retardation worked wonders in the surprise department, he doesn´t seem to be the most aware person in Bleach.

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    Default Bleach Chapter 364

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    dang it was out early

    SS Force are now screwed,and it took a long time for the Vizards to appear. And my hunch bout Wonderweis being a secretly strong Arrancar is right. Makes me think that the 10 Espadas are made when the Hougyoku is at its earlier stages and Wonderweiss is made when the device is now at its peak of power.

    What... no Isshin?


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