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    I don't give a damn about Stark release !! Show us Shunsui BAN KAI already !! I can't fucking wait !!

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    Cool Bleach: Chapter 361: I Hate Loneliness, But It Loves Me

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    not too bad. I like to see what Stark can do

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    Simply AMAZING, this chapter was best hands down in a while, no excess time waisting of time with lame moves and we see the coolest release. It looks like Stark uses twin guns with ammo connected to his shoulder. Finally something entertaining and not water and ice moves back and forth.
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    no yammy's(im kidding btw)

    yeah stark's release is badass wonder what kind firepower it has(literally firepower)...stark din mention i wanna see your bankais...wonder if he can take both ukitake and kyouraku on.....well i wanna see kyouraku's ban kai 1st...hope its badass as well....

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    Stark's release looked kinda OK for me...I think Barragan's is still the best. But guns? I understand hollows have abilities and all, but this seems a little to tech-savvy for a hollow. It's nor very organic anymore. But, on the bright side, I hope this means no more huge bangs and, multiple bullets are less flashy but harder to dodge, so this better shape up to be a good battle. Stark's really jumping the gun though...he went from not fighting seriously to going all-out.

    Are Barragan and Halibel really dead? Halibel's been in deep freeze for a few chapters now...and we haven't even seen what happened to Barragan. There was just a boom and then...nothing. He could've dodged it for all we know. I think it's way too anticlimax for them to be beaten with just a one-shot attack. Barragan was so promising, with his death touch and breath and all. But all he did was rot Soi Fon's arm in one chapter, chase Omaeda aimlessly for another one, then go "Wha...?" when Soi Fon fired at him. And end of story. Least Halibel had more of a battle.

    Whatever, I've been asking for the Stark battle for weeks, so I'm not gonna complain about this now...just really hope next week turns out to be good, and we'd better get a bankai or two in the next couple of chapters.

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    agreed, its been the first chapter thats been really good in a while, I felt that the little girl characte r would have player more of a part though =/.
    And i wonder if soi fon actually won?

    EDIT: He pretty much said what i was getting at in better detail. :P I feel that barragan should in all likelihood still be around. (Maybe yoruich or urahara will step in?)
    As well, guns don't have to be "tech-savy" Maybe it can just fire rapid succession cero type blasts, or has various types of shots. Its not liek they need gunpowder to fire projectiles with all the powers they have.

    Although if he draws(kubo) shells for his guns i'm assuming he's doing it just for the look or style.
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    None of the Espada are dead, this isnīt the way Kubo likes to do his Espada battles, they were "defeated" too quick and with barely any exposition about how much like, "totally defeated" they were. Look at the Hueco Mundo Captain Espada fights. and then compare them to these.

    Both of them. alive. No doubt about it.

    Wow, all that fanwanking about Lilinette kicking ass turned out to be true, only not in the way anyone was expecting.

    Also Fabulous Cowboy Stark is Fabulous, i mean 2 guns instead of a Blade?

    He look like he escaped from Zombie Powder. And thatīs pretty darn fucking cool.

    Somehow the pacing didnīt felt so monumentally slow this time, Stark steals the spotlight.

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    Hey, did Kyoraku just release his zanpakuto without any command? I didn't know they can do that.


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