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    ^I think that the flower's are a sort of limit indicator, but we haven't heard about the ice flowers ever since he lifted the limit. It's obvious that at the time it was only an issue because his power was limited. I mean, 20% is really little to go on. I think he should be able to do more with his bankai. Just by its variety in techniques alone, I like his bankai better than some others.

    Anyway, I think the 10 aspects of death thing is just a cheap trick the author threw in to make the readers say, "eh, that's cool". I mean, each aspect loosely fits each espada at least, some better than others. But its not really a stretch of the imagination to come up with those things. I'm sure you guys could come up with something better, right here
    It's still implausible in the fact that since the espada can change, maintaining the '1 espada per aspect' rule is kinda difficult. I don't really see Nel fitting anywhere, for instance.

    Oh, and I still want to know why Barragan seems to be the only one who derives an ability from his aspect. It would have been interesting if, say, Szayel-Aporro could make people mad, but no, that didn't happen.

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    Nel could be niaveness... heck anyone can have 1 aspect of death, no1s perfect...

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    i'd find it hillarious if kubo just forgot to draw the ice flowers in in a few chapters and drew them in in the next few.

    also wings=flight

    I'd think that the ice flowers would be 200% more useful as shields if he could control their movement. three floating orbiting stars (12 petals) to be used as shields/bashing rams would be great.

    As said before, scissor hands guy was pretty spot on with his analysis, even tho he got stomped when the power was increased.
    "your bankai is young and incomplete"
    "Your getting desperate using your body to make attacks"

    Also his attack on lupi didn't even kill him, although it was good and f-ed him up pretty good, for having that much time and supposed power. He just shook it off and left after.

    I still think theres more too it somehow. maybe the fact that he doesn't have ice petals now means he's mastered it finally, and is gonna use it full power on halibel.
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    People really need to stop saying his move didn't kill Luppi because if I remember right the move was called "Thousand-Year Ice Prison" something that is supposed to hold someone/thing inside, after Negation came and broke the ice prison Luppi who was only in there for a few minutes looked like he was about to pass out.


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