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    Quote Originally Posted by isildur View Post
    It was better than I expected. Hopefully, he doesn't turn out to be stronger than Stark. It will be interesting to see Halibel fight again.
    Oh YEAH it is "interesting" to see her fight as well as other things staying so firmly in place with all her movement.
    Quote Originally Posted by black flash View Post
    I got a feeling that his power is just gonna burn out the longer he fights.
    I am sure it will burn out but nobody really has infinite power other than Ichigo, but I guess as long as he is able to eat/suck up spirit particles these three will have there hands full. I think this is just the fight for renji to use his bankai. All the other times he wanted to show off and try to use it on small opponents. LOL.
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    So lol really.

    I dont know what to think about this Yammi thing... its kind of weird...

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    LOL and if you guyz look caaaaaaarefully, Yammy released is like centipede+human which is so not humanoid, which come the conclusion his just another adjuchas. So technically yes 0 = still the weakest. I now have no doubt that being no. 0 doesn't mean the strongest but like Nicholass71 said, Aizen maybe totally took advantage of what must be his tiny brain to make him feel strong.

    Or KT can make some BS like Yammy had a "second release" which compress his super reiatsu into one small humanoid body. If that happen then it's a different story and KT can go die.

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    He's "0" as nothing. lol

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    Well I'll say it again here. I do remember that they said that Espadas are ranked by amount of destructive power. So maybe Yammy is weak but his release allows him to absorb large amount of energy giving him a more destructive power thank Stark's. However Stark could still pwn him cause he is quicker/smaller.

    I bet Aizen didn't take him along, cause everyone could be "holy shet!!" but Soi Fon goes to his back -stab, stab- Yammy dead. Wonder if that wave behind Halibel is really Hitsugaya's. I also thought that the first pages were a waste.

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    Would make sense to pair up Hitsu with Halibel. Ice vs. Water match might be interesting even though Hitsu is getting owned already.

    Random thing I noticed is, Hitsu looks like a younger version of Grimmjow. Change the eyes a bit and you get a junior.
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    I have no problem with Hitsugaya fighting someone he might have an advantage over nearly every captain/vice has had the chance to fight someone they have an advantage over so why not him, it's gonna be funny to see people who dont like him say oh he had a advantage because she was a water type (thats if she is). I can't see it being the Vizards because I still think it's to early for them to show up maybe when people start losing and Aizen, Gin and Tousen are free from Jokaku Enjo then they'll show up.

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    One word... UNPREDICTED

    Lol. Zero? Now that's scary. I lose faith on Stark... T.T
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    just when i got bored... here comes zero to the rescue!!!!!!
    i just like to see chad kick ass... is that too much to ask?
    hitsu getting owned by no.3 totally worth it
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    Good choices for Next chapter.

    Chad.. huh big, no choice..
    Great warrior Daileon!!! (Chou Wakusei Sentou Hokan Daileon)

    Ren+Rukia: Wonder Twin powers, activate!

    Rukia: Form of King Kong
    Renji: Form of puddle of water

    Chad: here's your bucket renji...

    But I bet this gigantic beast is just to show off Unohana's power
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