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    Quote Originally Posted by Terasiel View Post
    ...I specifically didn't see that happening. Still don't.
    Envy and Greed was related to Melony and Loly, Envy for obvious reasons and Greed since they justified their second assault on her on the fact that Aizen said that Orihime was just a bait for Ichigo and Soul society, meaning that she stopped being important to Aizen.

    Pride was also pretty obvious with Ishida standing in the tile page, he´s has high regards for his people and when Mayuri made his fight with Ishida personal, he even quote his grandpa about the "Pride of the Quincy".

    I do agree Gluttony was quite a stretch.

    Don´t remember about Wrath and Sloth but the last sin is probably related with Ichigo´s lust for battle derived by his will to protect, which culminated in this hollow form.

    So not all of them weren´t specifically related but some of them definitely were.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azrael_13 View Post
    I didn't notice it before, but he's still evolving as a hollow while he is fighting. If you look at his hand here you can see that his fingers change and become sharper. I don't know if he absorbed part of the energy from Ulquiorra's weapon or evolved to counter it (I'm going with the latter), but I don't think we'll be seeing regular Ichigo for a while yet.
    Yeah, i noticed that too, i think that the pressure of Ulquiorra´s attack just made hollow Ichigo evolve even further to properly block that thing.

    One thing about this chapter though, Ichigo cero, anyone noticed about the black blobs in the center of the explosion? A cero has always been unicolor, there has to be something there.

    Either it´s Ulquiorra´s own cero or Ichigo´s Zangetsu attack, maybe he still is fighting with his hollow.

    And shit, what about Ishida and Orihime, they´re right next to that tactical nuke.
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    I'm a little concerned about that black being Ichigo's energy... but I'm hoping that it's just Ulquiorra's energy being loosed because he met with destruction.

    I'm liking what Cream'd said about the arrancarized Ichigo though. That would be pretty amusing. would it be him in charge because of getting logic back? I'm thinking it would somewhat. I don't know how the bankai would play into things.

    I smell a fan fic in the making if Kubo disappoints.

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    I suppose you could say that gluttony is an unrestrained desire. In that sense, Yammi's desire to fight (along with loli and menoli's desire for retribution on orihime) are the embodiment of gluttony displayed throughout the chapter.

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    I seriously think that black energy in the middle of all that destruction was Uluquiora counter-attacking. He's a self righteous bastard who has a thing for Aizen, hes not going out bitch made.

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    Hey, i'm new to this forum, but i have been enjoying reading all of your posts
    Anyways, i just wanted to say that i don't believe ichigo is "evolving" in this form, he certainly may be getting a feel for it (however, he's already exhibited a large amount of control), and I would like to point out that when he uses his hand to stop ulq's lance, claws extend, in a very similar fashion to the way grand fisher's claws did (way, way, back in the day). But that is all i've really observed in that department


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