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Thread: The "Let's Whine About Bleach" Thread!

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    Default The "Let's Whine About Bleach" Thread!

    Aside from the pithy title yes this is actually a serious thread. I've noticed that every chapter thread in recent memory has degenerated into discussion about the faults of Bleach and Tite Kubo rather than the actual chapter. I don't see any real problem with that, each chapter brings new and exciting fodder to bitch about. I'm assuming since we're all still reading the manga, we all still like it, and telling you to shut up about how much you "hate" it is kinda silly. So lets just try to have the discussion here, in a more centralized manner, rather than in the chapter threads, which we can leave to actual discussion about... you know... the chapter.

    - - -

    I personally am finding Tite Kubo to be lazy as of late. His character designs are becoming less and less interesting and some are downright outrageously stupid (see. Nnoitora's hood), he had some sick designs for his hollows in the beginning of the manga, and the introduction of the Gotei 13 was a great display of creative genius, characters that were unique and interesting and not very stereotypical. I mean you do remember when we all fell in love with Zaraki Kenpachi. Dude was just cool on levels not seen since God knows when. But now... we have a dull anatagonist in Ulquiorra, a meathead moron in Yammi, a sexist prick in Nnoitora, a carbon fucking copy of Kyouraku in Stark, a carbon fucking copy of Genryuusai in Barragan, a carbon fucking copy of Mayuri in Szyael... i could go on and on. Seriously what the fuck!!!

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    Not to mention the carbon fucking copy of the previous story arc.

    Which brings me to the crux of the matter: Bleach sucks donkey balls because there is no plot. Because seriously, the entire storyline as just one rehash after another, character growth is almost non-existant and all the interesting characters get little to no attention.

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    Too many living characters. Period.

    Once the Arrancar started showing up it would have been good if their power levels (going on the assumption that the high levels of power displayed in the SS arc were going to be dwarfed by the hybrids) were as what they were supposed to be and latter ones actually managed to kill off a few people. Then the fear and anger would lead to realistic increases in power that would help out the protagonists.

    Aizen was already something stronger than anything in the SS arc. That is the ceiling, so it's pointless to linger at the low levels along the way and give everyone a moment of glory. The entire Hueco Mundo arc should be a third of its current size.

    I'll rant more later.

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    Ichigo being one of the most boring protagonists certainly doesn't help this manga. The main characters are poorly developed, while the sub characters are far more interesting.
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    I hate how he waste panel space. Take this chapter for instance. All those pages in the beginning with Rukia and that other skull guy didn't need to be there, they couold have been greatly reduced. Then we get a couple more pages of useless effects, a two page spread of pillars shots and then a attack and it's done. Thats some bullshit if you ask me. Hell compared to One Piece we got Luffy and the gang kicking ass. Some reasons for why Bon Clay is helping, plus his name and set up for a major confrontation all in one chapter. In 17 pages dedicated to story compared to Tite's 19. It's madness.

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    Yeah, i noticed too some 'blank' page in bleach chapters lately. Kinda pissed me off.

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    I quoted the stuff that I said about the last chapter but might as well put it in here seen as how this thread has been made, and this is all the stuff thats pissing me off at the moment in Bleach.

    Quote Originally Posted by black flash View Post
    Damn right I didn't like that shit, it took 10 pages for it to go back to where it left off last chapter his bloody release, then we get a page of black rain, then two pages of it ending, then a pose in release something that happens with all of them so don't really care about that but the dude is rocking a Dress not a Rode a Dress, then ended with 3 or something pages of really big panels with nothing going on.
    Quote Originally Posted by black flash View Post
    good not great, and I already said it's not just the waste of space its the really huge panels with nothing in them and the fact that last chapter he said he's release command and then half way through this chapter he does the same thing again, it was a filler chapter nothing more.
    Quote Originally Posted by black flash View Post
    I think the main problem with Bleach is that there is only one main goal and its coming from the enemy and everyone else is just trying to stop him, where as in Naruto or OP every if not most characters have there own goals, good guys and bad.

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    I need new stuff to bitch about, im tired bitching at bleach. lmao. But pretty much everything u guys said thus far is right. lol.

    Thanks steel, now that we have our own thread i have a new place to visit when next chap comes out.

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    Its more of what it appear to be.
    He is making stuff up as he goes, or he is stalling waiting for that big break, or a mix of both.

    He showed bits of Rukia fight, ok.. I think its good for a writer to try to balance, some of the simultaneous fights happening, focus on the main battle, but give hints of what the fuck is happening on the rest of the world..

    For that absolutely neglected, soulsociety karagura city.

    Stark vs Shinsui
    Halibel Vs Hitsugaia
    And Genryuusai.. I remember him slicing the chimera.. did he went up against Barragan?(Serious, not going digging for the ch.)

    Kubo made this overwhelming quantity of events happening and we are oblivious to them, and worse of all they are all connected, because if one goes forward the next might fail, stuff like that.

    - Destruction of the pillars
    - Imprisonment of Aizen
    - Ichigo Fight
    - Captains/Rest escape from Hueco mundo
    - Shinji and CO arriving somewhere
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    Inconsistencies with power levels.

    Looking at how Ichigo's skills being either boosted up too much or nerfed down too much. We all see his shikai go crazy before SS arc, then became useless, bankai being one of the fastest before Hueco mundo arc and now feels like it's a slow turtle. I can predict with all that powerups he got from his mask we will see it break down again, then in the next chapters he acquires a new power up only to be nerfed down in another chapters or so.

    Chad also is another example. That guy has a lot of potential when he showed improvements with his current abilities when he fought that boxing arrancar, only to be knocked out by Nnoitora in the next chapter. Kubo left him out in 15 or so chapters. When did we see him fight next? Only one or two panels before Ichigo fights Uliquiorra, then that's it.
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