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Thread: The "Let's Whine About Bleach" Thread!

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    Well there are a lot of things you could whine about in I will:

    Every Minor character having to fight a meaningless oponent, winning and thereafter getting left aside cuz they are too weak to fight the big guns anyways...
    The last minute save happened about 4 times or so last arc so nobody could even be surprised when new guys apear out of nowhere....
    Ichigos booring hero-complex-character
    repeating the theme of the first major arc---> save the damsel in distress
    having an average of two panels per page.
    The "Ichigos friends have to run away from Aizen"-filler
    How the fight least give us something spectacular if you've been dragging it out for 3 years...
    The amount that happens during one or even two chapters is waaay to little

    But the main thing I want to whine about is how Kubo seems to have just given up on any kind of story and is just focusing on gigantic actionscenes. He just seems to wander aimlessly from one fight to another without there being any developement at all. Even Naruto manages to squeeze in more story between actionorgys....
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    The main problem I have with Bleach is that Kubo wastes so much space per chapter. He rarely puts more than one sentence of dialog per pane so an entire chapter might be dedicated to a small conversation, and a lot of panes focus on something completely undetailed and uninteresting such as a close-up of a character's eyes, a bare mountain range, a giant blotch of spilled black ink (Getsuga Tenshou), or Aizen's finger.

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    Kubo's inspiration crisis continues as Fullbringers prepare to take on some of the most awesome SS captains. Readers are still in the dark about the point of the fight: so, SS captains have to kill FB just for getting their powers? Do FB have any aim beyond getting more power?

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    Bleach's battle sessions are one of the hardest, if not THE HARDEST, to follow with your eyes!

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    Is it over yet?
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    Looks like Naruto will finish before Bleach does, actually...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfs08933 View Post
    If Shinigami start making friends with Arrancars, I'd buy that volume and use it as toilet paper. Somehow, defeated enemies learn the error of their ways and become new best friends like Ishida (Quincy) and all of the Shinigami (especially Byakuya/Renji). Even Uliqui displayed such characteristics, like saving Ishida form a mad Ichigo and looking after Orihime whom he secretly has a crush on. Don donni actually delayed reinforcements from reaching Ichigo... After all, the Arrancars are not evil or bad, they are just misunderstood people who need friends.
    Well good news my friend. Get ready to buy because it is widely speculated that grimjoww will make an appearances. You know, the dude that hanging out with uruhara that has his face hide

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    you niggas got trolled...



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