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    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    Bleach's main characters can be somewhat...... characterless.
    Now that i don´t agree with.

    Bleach´s character is the series´s saving grace, it´s pretty much the only reason why i still watch Bleach. When you usually see a character in Bleach for the first time, they´re usually more than their first impression leads them on, this even includes Ichigo as of late, which for all his typical friendship speeches, deep down Ichigo just wants to fight, the "save friends, protect hometown" is just a veneer of altruism over "let me kick some ass", which has been stated ever since he materialized a "fake" Kenpachi inside him when he was being possessed by his hollow to remind him of that. Which is why instead of taking Orihime from Grimmjaw, he just stood there and took his challenge in which Grimmjaw also noted that was there to fight. Now he arrived at Aizen´s Throne room and he barely noticed Orihime exists, he´s just smiling deviantly while trying to best him in battle, which all comes down to him becoming more Hollow.

    Even Orihime came a long way since the manga started, she started off as a dubious airhead who served pretty much only for comic relief but eventually realized that she just got in the way of her friends and tried to make something out of herself, then she gets kidnapped and plays the martyr card and decides to destroy the Hougyoku, meanwhile she gets mindfucked by Ulquiorra and brutalized by Loly and Menoly, she was getting realistic the hard way and seemed she was on to something but the moment she meets Ichigo, she reverted back to being a useless broad who just heals and now her development has been bouncing back and forth ever since. I´m not complaining about lack of personality with her, i´m complaining about erratic development with her character which i was enjoying quite a lot.

    I could go on and on here, most characters in Bleach are dual layered in terms of personality, including several of the recent bad guys, hell, i think Nnoitra is a much better character than Kenpachi. They´re better handled than either Naruto or One Piece, the problem is that the plot has went to shit because of that.

    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    Orihime better come out of this arc with something special...
    Couldn´t agree more, after all the shit i´ve said about here, if she doesn´t get a more important role after all of this, it´s gonna be a major fuck up on Kubo´s part.
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