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    Aizen's reasoning: "To be on top of everything". He even schooled tuberculosis captain, that no one starts at the top.

    People don't turn into hollows because they kill someone, they turn because the have a very strong attachment with their previous life.

    Aizen isn't a vasto lord, stop throwing ideas because you think they sound -good- or -possible-. Proof!, no speculations.

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    Aizen could never be a vastolorde and the next person to say the two in the same sentence is getting their post deleted. >_>

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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    Gillian change to Arrancar = stupid Aaroniro with human body alien head.

    Adjuchas, as showed as what Grimmjaw was before he change to Arrancar was an animal figure type = get those espada type with partial fragment of hollow.

    So like what you say, if Vasto Lorde is a normal hollow with humanoid shape, if its transform to Arrancar, wasnt it suppose to have a perfect human form ?
    I donīt really see how any of this helps your argument, every hollow that becomes an arrancar gets a humanoid body, no matter how low they are in the scale of

    If your arguing its ridiculous how it happen, better think twice because those Arrancar during Nel time definitely was born before the used of the hongyoku. So is not impossible for Aizen to become Arrancar when he was still a vasto lorde without using the hongyoku. He need the help of the Hongyoku to make a perfect transformation Arrancar.

    In fact Kubo did showed some Arrancar renovating the Grand Fisher which i forgot which chapter it was. So as u can see, that proved that there is an Arrancar before Aizen obtained the Hongyoku.
    And again, how does the existence of natural arrancars help in your argument?

    According to the conversation of Ichigoīs father and Urahara, a natural transformation of a hollow to an arrancar is very difficult and most of the times, a flawed one. The transformation is most of the time, incomplete and thus imperfect. Thatīs why most of the original, natural Espada were replaced with the Espada that were created by the Hougyoku.

    The Hougyoku was purposely made for the creation of Vizards and arrancars, it makes the process of becoming an arrancar or a Vizard a perfect one.

    So if Aizen was a natural Vasto lorde arrancar, he would certainly have a mask. Which you know, every arrancar weīve seen so far, even those that have been created with the Hougyoku, have.

    So, in Aizen case, it wouldnt be suprise if Aizen is actually was in some group of 10 Vasto Lorde who was sent by his colleges to become a spy in soul society just to use their facility to find a way to create perfect Arrancar which happened Uruhara managed to make the hongyoku.

    Aizen said that his death god power reached its limit doesnt show or proof that his not an Arrancar. Maybe his transformation from Hollow-Shinigami was at its limit because he transformed without the hongyoku.
    Youīre basically ignoring Aizenīs words and making theories purely based on the fact that Aizen is really strong and that Vasto Lordes exist, it hold no ground whatsoever.

    And by the way, from whatīve seen so far, Hollows canīt use Death God magic.

    Heīs a Death God and he wants to become a Vizard, he made that perfectly clear. Stop trying so much.

    Quote Originally Posted by liddokun View Post
    Where and which pages Kubo stated that the Royal Guard said to be stronger than the captains ? Maybe they are as strong as Commander Yamamoto Genryuusai but Kubo didnt say they were stronger.
    Royal Guards is the strongest squad Soul Society has to offer since itīs composed of Captains only and since that kind of promotion seems rare in Soul Society, your average Royal Guard is stronger than your average Captain.

    And Yamamoto is probably a Royal guard member himself or at least was a former one. Shuhei and Ukitake probably refused their promotion since they were the first Deaht Gods to graduate from the Academy and are Yamamatoīs best students.

    But now iīm just speculating.

    Plus, this is Bleach, it was obviously a foreshadowing to stronger opponents/allies in the future just like he Vasto lordes explanation.
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