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    Default Favorite Bleach poems

    heyllo,so i have been reading the bleach poems at the beginning of each book since the first book and i find them to be one of the major reasons i got interested in bleach.i love all KTs poems.

    i was just wondering what anyones favs were and if they could help a lil with the meanings cause some are a lil tough to get and i haven't found a single forum with the poem meanings.

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    There are poems in Bleach? Damn necros...

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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    First I've heard of it too.

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    News to me too. Uh, kazehime, why don't you post some of the bleach poems? As to discussions on other boards, well I guess deconstructionism is seldom reservered for the likes of anime poems.

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    True, we don't have anything such as "fate".
    It's only those who drunk in ignorance and fear
    and stumbled over their own feet
    that fell and disappeared among the muddy rivers
    known as "fate".

    This one is my favorite.

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    You know im actually on the lookout for these as well, could you tell me where i can find them, they used to have them on wikipedia but theyre not theyre anymore. If anybody has any please post.

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    Bleach Volume Poems

    01: The death and the strawberry
    (Ichigo cover)

    We fear
    what doesn't exist.

    02: Goodbye parakeet, Good night my sista
    (Rukia cover)

    People can possess hope
    because our eyes are unable to see death.

    03: Memories in the Rain
    (Orihime Cover)

    If I were the rain
    could I connect with someone's heart
    just as it can unite
    the eternally separated earth and sky?

    04: Quincy Archer Hates you
    (Ishida Cover)

    We attract each other
    like a drop of water, like planets.
    We repel each other
    like magnets, like the colors of our skin.

    05: Right arm of the giant
    (Chad Cover)

    If I don't wield the sword,
    I can't protect you.

    If I keep wielding the sword,
    I can't embrace you.

    06: The death trilogy overture
    (Urahara Cover)

    True, we don't have anything such as "fate."
    It's only those who drink in ignorance and fear
    and stumble over their own feet

    07: The broken Coda
    (Byakuya Cover)

    We should not shed tears
    for that will serve as a defeat of our bodies to our hearts.
    It is then nothing more than proof
    for it to be said that our hearts are things
    beyond our ability to control.

    08: The Blade and me
    (Zangetsu Cover)

    When rusted, I can't cut again.
    When you lose your grip, I will be torn apart.
    Yes, it's with that pride that
    has me resemble a blade.

    09: Fourteen days for conspiracy
    (Kuukaku cover)

    Ah, even though our eyes are opened
    we are dreaming of
    flying through the sky.

    10: Tattoo on the sky
    (Ganju Cover)

    We reach out our hand
    to brush away the clouds and pierce the sky,
    but even if we seize the moon and Mars
    we still can't reach the truth.

    11: A Star and a Stray Dog
    (Renji cover)

    I will light a fire on an unreachable fang,
    so that I won't have to see that star,
    so that I won't let it tear at my throat.

    12: Flower on the precipice
    (Aizen Cover)

    We think the flower on the precipice is beautiful
    because our fear make our feet stop at its edge
    instead of stepping forward into the sky
    like that flower.

    13: The Undead
    (Kenpachi Cover)

    Any one time we throw away pride
    we take a step closer to becoming beasts.
    Any one time we kill a heart
    we take a step back from becoming beasts.

    14: White Tower Rocks
    (Hanatarou cover)

    It creaks, it creaks; the tower of cleansed sins,
    like the light, it will pass through this world.
    It shakes, it shakes; the tower in our spine,
    the one that will fall will be... us? Or the sky?

    15: Beginning of the death of tomorrow
    (Kira cover)

    I am merely practicing
    saying goodbye to you

    16: Night Of Wijnruit
    (Whitey Cover)

    The constant shower of the sun's mane
    will erase the remaining footprints on the thin ice.
    Don't be afraid to be deceived
    for the world is already full of deception.

    17: Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidior
    (Yoruichi Cover)

    Red like blood
    White like bone
    Red like solitude
    White like silence
    Red like the beastly instinct
    White like a god's heart
    Red like thawing hatred
    White like a frozen, pained cry
    Red like the night's hungry shadows
    Like a sigh piercing the moon
    it shines white and shatters red

    18: The DeathBerry Returns
    (Soi Fong Cover)

    Your shadow stealthily
    leaves nothing of where you go, like a poisoned needle
    that sews together my footsteps.
    Your light pliantly
    strikes the water tower, like a lightning bolt
    that severs the source of my life.

    19: The Black Moon Rising
    (Bankai Ichigo Cover)

    That's right,
    nothing else can change my world.

    20: End of hypnosis
    (Gin cover)

    One who paints the beauty in love
    is one who pretends to not know love's form.
    One who paints the ugliness in love
    is one who understood it well.

    21: Be my family or not
    (Shinji Cover)

    This entire world
    exists for the sake of cornering you.

    (Ulquiorra cover)

    There is no meaning in our world,
    neither is there any meaning in us, the ones who live in it.
    It is then meaningless
    for us, who are equally meaningless, to conceive the world in our thoughts
    despite knowing there is no meaning to be found.

    23: MALA SUERTE!
    (Ikkaku Cover)

    We are the fish before the waterfall
    We are the insects inside the cage
    We are the wreckage of the angry sea
    The skull upon the staff
    The torrent of power, all of which the whale swallows
    We are the bull with five horns
    We are the monster that breathes fire
    The child who screams
    Ah, we are
    being poisoned by the moonlight

    24: Immanent God Blues
    (Grimmjow Cover)

    Doesn't matter who it is
    I'll fuckin' break 'em

    25: No Shaking throne
    (Hollow Ichigo Cover)

    We all
    die as we are born.
    We always find the end
    before the beginning.
    If to live
    means to continually search for wisdom,
    we'll find the end waiting after our last lesson.
    To finally see the subtlety of the end
    and understand it completely
    is what it means to die.
    We cannot help ourselves from growing wiser.
    Those who are helpless to their search for knowledge
    are those who cannot transcend death.

    26: The mascaron drive
    (Luppi Cover)

    That voice that pierces my chest so deeply
    resembles a never-ending cry of ecstacy.

    27: Goodbye Halcyon Days.
    (2nd Orihime cover)

    As one:
    are not intertwined
    As two:
    do not share the same form
    Of the third:
    we simply don't have eyes
    Of the fourth:
    we have no hope in that direction
    At the fifth
    therein lies the heart

    28: Baron's lecture full-course
    (Dordonii Cover)

    Sire, we
    look upon you
    as one would a peacock
    A look that borders on
    anticipation, adoration, and something
    akin to neverending terror

    29: The slashing opera
    (Thunderwitch Cover)

    In my desperation, I'll dress myself up grandly
    Even while knowing you'll cut me down
    In my desperation, I'll polish myself to a shine
    Even while knowing you'll cut me down
    It was terrible, how it was terrible
    When you once did just that
    You lopped off my hair
    And left me looking like you did when you died

    30: There is no heart without you
    (Kaien Cover)

    That wound is as deep as the ocean
    That bloody murder is as colorless as death

    31: Don't kill my volupture
    (Szayel Cover)

    Tell me I'm hated most in the world.

    32: The Howling
    (Grimmy release Cover)

    The king gallops

    Shaking free from the shadow,
    Beating the armor,
    Kicking about the bones,
    Slurping the flesh and blood,
    The creaking increases.
    Smashing the heart

    He walks in alone
    Toward the faraway other side

    33: The bad Joke
    (Nnoitra Cover)

    We are insects...

    Worms crawling underneath nonvolatile spite

    I lift my head up, higher even than the moon…

    …until I can’t see you merciful bastards anymore.

    34: King of the kill
    (Nel Cover)

    If you give me wings
    I will soar for you

    Even if this whole land
    Sinks down to the water

    If you give me a sword
    I will fight for you

    Even if this whole sky
    Shoots through with your light

    35: Higher than the moon
    (Mayuri cover)

    If you even fail to be born, it's only natural to die.

    36: Turn Back the pendulum
    (Long haired Shinji Cover)

    "It's still too early to believe."

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    Rain is by far my favorite.
    I have laid my dreams under your feet;
    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

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    I love the rain one, especially the version in the Jump Fiesta '04 episode, I think it was the pilot or something.

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    5, 7, 20, 25 stood out for me.

    Chad's poem made me think of a girl I care about.
    Byakuya's poem is quite unique.
    Gin's poem is so sad that its touching.
    Hollow Ichigo's poem certainly brought life to perspective.

    I think Grimmjow's poem was garbage.
    etufo: HS is most likely going to die sooner or later. Who will kill the cool character killer?

    Popo: well, obviously going by that logic, HS will have to kill himself...


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