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    Default Bleach: Chapter 334

    New chapter is out.

    Called it. Hinamori's back, and she still may have problems with Aizen. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto are troubled. At least she's good with kidou in a fight. But how reliable will she be once Aizen gets loose?

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    Yammato might call dips on Aizen.
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    Hinamori will distract Aizen by attempting to rape him with her super Aizen fangirl attack. This will give an opening for Yamamoto to kill him and thus the world is saved.

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    Somehow because how Hinamori acted on this chapter, she got redeemed a little in my eyes... besides I liked her a lot before she got all crazy about Aizen...
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    Would be nice if the three fracions were dead but alas we must first see their released forms. Oh well, least it seems this fight is slowly moving to a finish interestingly it seems fire and smoke are the theme of the team of Hinamori and Matsumoto.

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    well although she seems better now, i think she still needs a little more rehab. i'm sure when it comes to it she'll find it hard to fight aizen (then again she probably won't be the one to fight him).

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    Whoa. Aizen, for the first time, acted as this wasn't "according to plan" and Gin noticing it and asking him as if teasing him was awesome.

    And Hinamori is a terrible liar.

    Also, chinese arrancar trio is love.

    Called it. Hinamori's back, and she still may have problems with Aizen.
    You and everybody else. =P

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    What the fuck is a "kidou web"...


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    If explosions were enough to kill pple in bleach. Next chapter those arrancar are going to be laughing in her face about that attack or something.

    The arrival of hinamori could spell trouble for hitsu. I could see some shitty twist where he rushes to save her and *slash* game over iceman.

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    ^^Hahahaha. I don't know.

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