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    Default Bleach: Chapter 322

    Well the only spoiler I've found so far is that yes, there's supposed to be a chapter this week. Last week was the Obon festival in good ol' Japan so that's why there wasn't a chapter then. I'll keep my eyes peeled for spoilers. I can't believe I haven't found any yet. But yes, Chapter 322 should be out this week.


    Summary by Annie:

    Bleach 322: Oath Under The Rose

    Continues from the last chapter, after being attacked by Ruruiro kuujaku Coolhorn fell down sweating. The only things that remained are his underwear and pieces of a broken mask on his face. Coolhorn accused Yumichika of cheating then asks if that was his bankai. Yunichika refused and said it was just a ‘real name’.

    “He is a weird zanpakutou.” Explained yumichika. “He has his favorite color. He likes Ruruiro and hates Fuji (violet color). Ruruiro is the name I forced upon his and he hates it. Whenever he gets call by this name he will get angry and won’t fully transform into a proper shikai.”

    “Why would you do that?”

    “11th Division is the strongest Division out of Gotai 13. We are full of blood thirsty fighters. All there zanpakutous are attacking type. Someone with demon arts type powers are considered coward.”

    “I don’t want anyone from 11th Division to see my Ruruiro Kuujaku especially Taichou and Ikkaku. So..that’s why I thanked you. If you didn’t use that attack, no matter what happen I couldn’t use him.” Yumichika said in a sad voice. Coolhorn asked even if it would have cost him his victory and Yumichika replied, “Even if I have to lose or die.” And all Coolhorn could do is smiled while closing his eyes and prised yumichika with him simply standing here

    A scene cuts to Shuuhei who is fighting Findor. After a while Shuuhei say to Findor that he (Findor) is only using power level of the fifth seat. Findor replied Shuuhei has passed the ‘test’. He then starting to punch his mask, first at the power level of the fourth seat then of the third and then by the time he reached the VC level, his left face is shown while Shuuhei only stared at him.

    A scene cuts to Kira who is fighting Arivama in a release form. He tried to listen to movement then turned around to release bakudou #39 Enkosen (a circular shield) between himself and an opponent only to see it got destroy immediately. Arivama in a release form has an eagle-like mask on with huge wings behind his back. He was taunting how pathetic Kira is. Then said it couldn’t be helped since Kira has to face with ‘aguila’. Arivama then release a few wings to hit the concrete and yelled,

    “Everything that touches this will be destroyed. These wings are heavier than rocks!”

    Posted by spacecat:

    Azure Peacock isn't a bankai it's just the real name of the zanpakutou.
    The zanpakutou has a favourite colour which is azure.
    It hates light purple. If it is called by "light purple peacock" it will
    pout and only release itself half way.
    The 11th division is really fierce and focused on strength so he doesn't want to show his kidou based zanpakutou as he doesn't wish to be called a coward. Since the thorns covered them up he was hidden so used it and won.

    TN: The first part is exactly the same info as the other spoiler but the other is more detailed so I will ignore this first bit.

    The scene switches to Hisagi's fight. His oppenent has been using the power level of only a 5th seat shinigami but is becomming angry. He thought that Hisagi had no ability in regards to measuring power level so he was only using that level (below captain level) thinking Hisagi wouldn't realise. He starts to cut himself and gradually becomes stronger.

    Scene changes to Kira's fight.
    His opponent attacks the barrier he had made to defend and it cracks. He flies up in to the sky like a bird. He says something like the feathers are so heavy and then he uses the feathers to attack.




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    an overpacked prison


    Pshhhh of course the feathers are heavy, Kira's going to own that fool.

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    Yumichika admitting his refusal to fight at full power in front of Ikkaku made this issue for me. His and Ikkaku's decisions to hide their true power in order to stay in probably the most dangerous division makes me cry manly tears.

    It's funny that Zaraki has the most loyal and closely knit division of all the gotei 13. Coolhorn may have been incredibly lame but it was worth it for Yumichika to break the pretty boy stereotype by being something of a badass.
    It's nice to know that everyone in the 11th is at least partially crazy.

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    Is it me or does it seem like Yumichika knows what his bankai is.

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    well i don't know if he knows what his bankai is till he actually gets it.i think he was just making it clear that what he was using wasn't a bankai.

    its interesting that he can still activate a semi shinkia by using a nickname, thats pretty cool.

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    Good chapter me thinks.
    What Yumichika said was badass lol.
    Now it´s time for the other Arrancar to fall muhahaa ^^

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    11th division is just flat out awesome.

    That's all I can really say xD

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    this was a fun arrogant chapter

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    Solid chapter nothing amazing though


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