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    Cool BLEACH 316? spoilers

    Let's stop the pendulum.

    A night has passed. Urahara wakes up to see Shinji who's face is covered by his mask. Shinji is not moving.

    Urahara apologises to Tessai for failing to cure them. Urahara goes outside for some fresh air but is met by the central 46 law enforcement. They are there to arrest him.

    He is summoned for interrogation and asked where he was last night. He is asked if he was experimenting on hollowification.

    Central 46 suspects that Urahara while in the forrest attempted to use 8 vice captain/captain level shinigami in an evil hollowification experiment. (Perhaps they were told this by Aizen).

    Urahara tells them that it was Aizen who did it and that he was simply trying to help them. However Aizen has 124 general shinigami and 1 captain confirm that he wasn't at the scene the night before.

    Also, during the investigation there was a report claiming the discovery of hollowification research going on at the 12th division.

    Also, Tessai has been sentenced to serve in the third underground prison for using a forbidden technique.

    For doing taboo research and experimenting on his fellow shinigami resulting in them being heavily injured, Urahara is sentenced to exile in the living world for eternity.

    They then announce that the shinigami who are victims of this experiment will be strictly disposed of as hollows.

    When Urahara is about to object Yoruichi who has her face covered by a cloth kidnaps both of them and takes them away to the hiding place near sougyoku.

    Yoruichi has already transported the 8 shinigami (vizards) and the new gigai that has been being developed.

    After listening to Shinji for a while Urahara decides they are in the worst situation possible and thinks of the best way to deal with it.
    Urahara asks Tessai to use Jikantenshi one more time to create a barrier, he will then create 10 gigai for himself, Tessai, Shinji and the rest within 20 hours. Urahara vows to hide himself and spend his time finding a way to get rid of the hollowification.

    The scene changes to Shinji and co in the current day.

    In the same warehouse, Shinji says that Urahara said there has been no miscalculation and that is the first miscalculation.
    He says that everything has come to the worst possible scenario as expected.

    Shinji "For real, I am indebted to Urahara.... and then Aizen also."

    It finishes with someone saying "let's go" and then the Vizards leave the warehouse.

    mini spoiler
    A scene cuts to the hide out place that Urahara has created it with Yoruichi. A lady takes out her cover and she is Yoruichi. Urahara thanked her but she doesn’t accept it because she’s going to kick him for sneaking out at night without telling her anything. Then Yoruichi says, “I bring those 8 along with me, including that new gigai that’s in progress.” Then she hurries him up which makes him smile and say that she really sees through everything.

    “You are the one to talk.” Says Yoruichi without looking at him. Then Urahara asks Tessei to use Jikanteisei to Hirako and co and to put up some shields around area as well.

    “20 hours from now I will create gigai that could hide reiatsu for 10 of us.” Which have Tessei looking at Yoruichi worryingly but she just smiles back confidently.

    “We will hide in the real world,” Continues Urahara, “And I will spend all my time to solve the problems”

    He then looks at Hirako and other 7 and says, “Including ‘hollowification’ and how to destroy it!”

    Back at the present time in front of the Vaizards hide out. Hirako staring out and says, “Kisuke once said that ‘unmistakable’ is the biggest mistake.”

    He smiles, “Seriously….what a burden, that Kisuke….and Aizen, too”

    Hirako gets up and joins his friends before saying, “let’s go”
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    ^looks good....
    but wasn´t he exiled because of these gigais? (that´s what "everyone" is saying the whole time)or is that only what the readers know...?
    and yeah,it´s logical that he´s been exiled for hollowification...

    so,it seems that we´ll see some REAL Vaizard fighting xDD

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    Isn't SS nice. For what they think he did they only want to exil him, while Rukia was sentenced to death for losing her powers *gg*
    "For Feanor was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind, in valour, in endurance, in beauty, in understanding, in skill, in strength and subtlety alike, of all the Children of Illuvatar, and a bright flame was in him"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feanor View Post
    Isn't SS nice. For what they think he did they only want to exil him, while Rukia was sentenced to death for losing her powers *gg*
    well, with Urahara it's actually Central 46's decision while with Rukia it's Aizen's pretending to be Central 46.

    so it seems that the vaizzards are simply an accident product. and urahara still intends to completely cure the vaizards of their inner hollow, but with that last line of Shinji, appears to have fallen for the power they now posses. interesting, interesting..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feanor View Post
    while Rukia was sentenced to death for losing her powers *gg*
    1 She didn't lose, she GAVE AWAY!
    2 Aizen was the one giving orders, and one of the easisest methods to remove something embeded on someone's soul by Urahara was to burn the container with the power of the sun...(thats why the execution)

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    Default Excited!!

    Man these next few chapters are gonna kick ass! Bring on the winter war! *pulls out a gikonmaru and pops a pill in mouth, instantly separating spirit from body.* Let's go Seireihime! WEEEEEEE! *runs off to fight*
    息おして, 蝴蝶姫!

    "Breathe, Seireihime!"

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    winter war's starting. sweeet. let's hope it'll be up to hype !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feanor View Post
    Isn't SS nice. For what they think he did they only want to exil him, while Rukia was sentenced to death for losing her powers *gg*
    Aizen was behind the Courtīs decision on Rukiaīs execution.

    Theyīre dicks but letīs not get over our heads.

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    Bring on the action!
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