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    Quote Originally Posted by chrizao View Post
    how about isshsin being a ex king guard ? just speculating. .
    well my thought is that Isshin is..

    1. royal guard stationed in the real world
    2. part of the actual royal family (we know that he is at same level as the nobles since only nobles can have children... i think)

    but it does not matter. I still think Isshin have connection to the royal family one way or another

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinjuku View Post
    Where is it stated a 11th division captain has never abdicated his position or outright abandoned it and gone missing? I'll concede after the last chapter it's almost certainly not Isshin but putting things in such a matter-of-fact way, when everything connected to Isshin is unusual, is plain stupid.
    Notice, I put usually, but as the story seems to go, it is not a matter-of-fact, but more of am unstaten fact.

    Bleach -108 page 11 | One Manga

    Considering we know of three current kenpachis, the current, the one we hear of now in the past, and the one Zaraki Kenpachi killed to get the title. As for them leaving or going missing, it doesn't seem to be the case. If you just killed a captain for that title, I'm pretty sure you'd want to bask in the glory and get challenged for your title.

    Even if they had better "ties" with the Kurosaki family it doesn't mean they know him. Uruhara might be a friend that the family doesn't see because Isshin doesn't want them to get involved. Later, when Isshin found out that Ichigo became a shinigami, why would he tell him? I mean, he didn't say : "son I'm a shinigami too", so why introduce him to a character obviously tied with the Shinigami World.
    The way I interpret him not saying anything about him being a shinigami was probably because he didn't need to. There's no reason for him to, and he already knows that Ichigo can take care of himself, if he's dying or not. That, or KT is using this as an excuse not to show more of Isshin. As for Urahara's ties, I believe one of the big reasons he trained Ichigo so exclusively was because he is Isshin's son.

    i dont see why he's such a big deal,isshin.the way things are going,almost anyone coulda dissected grand fisher like that.....
    Because he currently is the most mysterious character in the Bleach Universe. More than Ryuuken, Aizen, Yamamoto, Unohana (maybe), the Vaizards, etc etc. We know close to nothing about him.

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    He just is old xD

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    I'm going to throw a +1 to Isshsin being a Royal guard. Now I'm going to suggest that he was possibly assigned to the town since it could be used to create a Kings key. The real question is what happened to Isshsin's power that he couldn't use it.

    As to Ichigo's mother, I've said it before, just as long as she isn't/wasn't a Quincy.

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    probally got banished for having relations with a mortal i.e. ichigo's mom ( i smell nephillim)
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