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    Default bleach-105 spoilers

    the latest on the flashbacks...bleach-105

    Translation by Peachilicious:

    Ukitake: His age... That's right, Captain Kuchiki's grandson Byakuya-kun is there, right?
    Kaien: Ah, the arrogant one.
    Ukitake: Right, right. Is he the same age? Although he seems slightly younger...

    "Gin is a Shinigami even though he's still young. He graduated from the academy in a year.

    The young Byakuya is somehow a different character than the present day one."

    Posted by spacecat:

    Mona @ 2ch
    浮竹「年の頃は…そうだな 朽木隊長のお孫さんの白哉くんがいるだろう?」
    浮竹「そうそう 彼と同じか少し下くらいらしいんだが…

    Mona @ 2ch
    In the first half Mayuri is made assistant director of the technological development bureau.
    Next the young Byakuya and Yoruichi seem involved in something together…(implies a relationship).
    Ukitake talks to Kaien about a new member that appears to be a young prodigy.
    Then we are taken to a scene where Gin kills the 5th divisions current 3rd seat in front of Aizen.

    Mona @ 2ch:



    These pics are posted by spacecat at BA

    The guy who posted the pic said: There was no reason given in the story as to why Gin killed the 3rd seat. After seeing his true power Aizen is considering giving him an official seat cos he is really strong. text in the last pic says 'Gin' 'Ichimaru Gin'
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    So Urahara can take Mayuri out of the Maggots' Nest just like that? Also, I didn't know Vice-captains could appoint seated officers... nevertheless, this chapter looks interesting. Thanks.

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    So Gin basically pulled a Zaraki to get himself a seated position. Hmmm, I wonder what his real reason was behind it.

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    Gin looks scary as f**k. This whole Byakuya/Yoruichi relation comes as too much of a shock to me. I don't see how it fits with the storyline involving Rukia's sister & Rukia yet.
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    Yea, Gin does look more... sinister. I'll shit bricks if I met him IRL.

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    Hmmmmmmmm....... thats all I can say.

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    WTF!!!!! wow that's all i can say wow...
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    This chap does look more interesting then the previous one

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    Default Maybe...

    Maybe the third seat of the fifth division tried to force himself on Rangiku. Okay, I know Bleach is a shounen manga and Gin has a real sinister side, but I just don't wanna believe Gin's really that evil.

    He saved Rangiku from starvation; Both she and Gin love dried persimmons; He refused to fight her when she interupted his fight with Hitsugaya; He was sad to leave her and sorry for it.

    Okay, maybe it's my inner lover talking, but I think it's possible for their to be a relationship between these two. And let's face facts people, we all know their are some guys who will do anything for their girl. I think Gin would be like that. He saved her from death (death is also something he fears) and as the one who saved her, he developed the need to look after her even though he'd leave her for periods of time, he always came back and never abonded her. Gin also seems like the kind of guy who'd leave just so he could come home. Ya know what I mean?

    Of course, now I'm wondering what made go psycho sinister and kill people. In his childhood flashbacks with Rangiku, he was usually sweet and friendly. I'm thinking something bad happened between the two (because so far the only person Gin has had relations with is Rangiku).

    Ah, such a mystery the silver fox is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urameshi-sama View Post
    Gin looks scary as f**k. This whole Byakuya/Yoruichi relation comes as too much of a shock to me. I don't see how it fits with the storyline involving Rukia's sister & Rukia yet.
    Ok, I could be wrong on this, as I only started reading the manga at the end of the soul society arc (anime up until then, so for all I know, this isn't mentioned in the manga) but a Byakuya/Yoruichi, well, friendship at least when they were younger was implied. Yoruichi says something about "little" Byakuya never being able to beat her at flash step tag.


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