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Thread: Bleach 317

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    ^ It symbolizes that when you go to page ten and look at the bottom panels, you can see Urahara talking to his newly appointed grunts.
    The scans just have a faded image of the next page and the cleaners couldn't get it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terasiel View Post
    I find it kind of sad that he went from drippin' Lisa to frigid Nanao. Step backwards for all Mankind.
    Maybe he didn't have a choice once she got hollow powers she left, and he decide to promote her twin sister to the spot. Hate to say that until right now it didn't even dawn on me that, that was her. Man I should of had a V8.

    Quote Originally Posted by chinsee View Post
    yay i was right, kensei is 9th, and it looks like there's possibly a young byakuya there behind the captain of the 6th division. Not to mention the captain of the 6th looks like what I'd imagine byakuya to look like when he gets old.
    Yeah I think your right could be Byakuya's dad, is it me or was old man Yammato mean.

    Quote Originally Posted by lysozymes View Post
    The 100 years ago term has me thinking hard. We've all seen several inconsistencies in the timeline, with how old Rukia is (remember the first chapters, when Ichigo's friend said he only went for 'oldier' ladies, humor that Rukia wasn't really in the clear) and Shinji already listening to Jazz 100 yrs ago, when it was 50-60 years jazz started in the human world.

    Alot of it can be explained with that Soul Society timeline runs in a different way than the human world. But how does it explain the way the characters evolve?

    All the vizards seems to have gotten 'younger' after they deserted SS, except Hacchi. Shinji cut his hair and got enrolled as an exchange student at Ichigo's high-school. Can a +100 years old shinigami captain still act like a high-school student? The same with Lisa, going from a vice-captain to wearing sailor moon school uniforms...

    Any of you guys notice the trend here? Is it just another story line inconsistency or does Tite K have something up his darn sleeve again?

    Oh yeah, Kensei, another SS captain get's a haircut and wears clothes as a NY teenager complete with piercings. The combat knife was a damn good touch!

    Are they just acting their inner child or story line inconsistencies?

    Just airing my convoluted theories, feel free to point out what I have missed!

    Maybe they got "younger" as you say because they don't want to grow up and have grown up responsibilities, working interacting with grown ups, having a job. Much rather "playing" a kid and hanging out with kids so that your not out growing your "coworkers". Think about it how noticeable would it be if you worked with someone for 30 years and they still looked the exact same. Now on the flip side you know someone from high school for 30 years you can just say you aged well. In regards to the sailor moon outfit, maybe she is rebelling from being such a stuff shirt covered up in all black. They just want to be different for once, for however long they were in SS they all basically dressed alike. All different types of music started decades before it is actually given a name, people back in cave man days had jazz, just making sounds with no music could be considered jazz. I venture to say they might of even had a very basic and rupementary form of rap back then also.

    Quote Originally Posted by kazehime21 View Post
    honestly wiht aizen's shikai, im pretty sure its the same situation that soi fong is.she said that back when yoruichi was still in soul society,she hadn't perfected her zanpaktou's skill.couldn't it be the same with aizen?
    So are you saying that you think Shinji will cancel out Aizen's powers, and make him use only what he has obtained as a hollow?

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    What the hell.... That doesn't make any sence.... and I al most never have any >_>


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