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    Quote Originally Posted by echoblaze View Post

    really now. let'see - bleach has ichigo's entire high school cast (orihime and her crew, ichigo and his crew), soul society (division captains, vice captains, and random ones like hanatarou), and now vizards (the crew that trained him) and arrancars (important ones like grimmjow and nell are probably staying, as well as powerful bad guys like ulquiorra, stark, halibel).

    naruto has the 4 leaf teams, 1 sand team, mostly leaf adults, sasuke's new team, and the remaining akatsuki.

    d. gray man has allen's cast, and a few important people from the HQ. i might be forgetting a group, but d.gray man is a surprising small cast o_O;; i can't believe you even brought that up

    full metal alchemist has Central soldiers (mustang, hawkeye), briggs soldiers, and the homunculus.

    numbers aside, bleach does a really poor job of character development. we only know most of the secondary characters superficially, and even some of the main characters are not that deep (chad, for instance, doesn't get much coverage). sorry, but bleach just doesn't make me care about its characters as much as other mangas do.
    I am not going to comment on the other animes because I am not as well versed in them, but how much character development is being put into Sasuke. I think if we add up all that has been devoted to him he easily has enough for his own life of sasuke arc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urameshi-sama View Post
    ^Whatever. He could still pull a Rukia and refused receiving a promotion in SS. The consistency there is still suspicious.
    After having three Captains split I don't think SS would take "I don't want to leave the 11th" as an answer. It was obvious that Ikkaku's bankai was tacked on later as was Zaraki's kendo but it fits that these two would get beaten since they like to give their enemy every advantage.
    Byakuya doesn't have that excuse, though.

    I'm wondering why Renji hasn't been offered a Captain's spot yet. Probably Byakuya's influence but I'd assume that for the sake of SS he'd help fill that empty slot as fast as he could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo98765 View Post
    they didnt bloat gantz cast. when teetee(that what i like to call him) introduce some1, there's like 5 chapters devoting to their history. gantz just kill and replace. gantz is god. dont mess with gantz dude. just my 3 cents
    You sir, are absolutely right.


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