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    The boy genius that has NO idea how strong a vasto lord is, right? I really doubt he ever fought, one.

    For me I can make that he is stating from his point of view, and his strengths. There is also to consider that, Hitsugaya, Renji, Ikkaku. are on captain level!

    But they are nowhere near, Byakuya, Kenpachi, Urahara, Yamamoto, Unohana* level!!
    (Unohana strikes fear in aizen and many people.. she has to be kick ass)

    Its just the same as when Hanatarou said that Captains are invincible to Ichigo, because he is weak!

    Sure a vasto lord can be stronger then a captain!
    But Aizen is a captain too! And all espadas, vasto lords submit to him! Its not because he is pretty I'm sure. But because he is a freakish strong captain capped on all of his potential!

    So yes, its a misconception for you all just believe blindly on what a KID said, about captains vs vasto lords, where we know Abilities, Strengths take a good part of the fight!

    Hell look at that pumpkin fight vs Byakuya! Pumpkin man had the potential to wipe many of the captains, and main characters there EASY.

    A average Vasto lord is stronger then a average captain.
    But we talking about average here, we can have a very weak vasto lord with a very strong vasto lord, and two weak captains, that would make the average of vasto lords stronger then the average of captains..

    So while Aizen is there being able to kick any Vasto lord/espada ass I believe Yamamoto should too, thats enough for me that they WONT be able to do what Hitsugaya said!
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    Quote Originally Posted by irecinius View Post
    So while Aizen is there being able to kick any Vasto lord/espada ass I believe Yamamoto should too, thats enough for me that they WONT be able to do what Hitsugaya said!
    The question is can old Yama take on two fighters that are stronger than Aizen at the same time? (And aren't holding back and never showing up a damn scene form the whole fight or showing any reprocussions for picking a fight with him in the first place and .......etc.)

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    irecinius I agree with you overall but I also want to point out some things. First - we don't actually know if Aizen encountered ant Vasto Lords so it's not decided that they would obey him easily. Of course it's one of Golden Cliche Rules that the bad guys are going to get every kickass they can, so if there are no VL now we can be sure they'll appear sooner or later.

    Second - you are talking about average. So now show me which of the captains is average one? We only got to see some kickassnes or some fail from their side, never the medicore. Of course there are some captains who are like enigma (your favourite Unohana for one). And as you mentioned it is all about ones style. Maybe we'll live to see opponent capable of easily beating Byakuya getting his ass handled on a silver plate by kid captain?
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