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    Default Bleach [Chapter 301]

    Shut Up And Die

    RAW: Thanks to Kylara @ Mangahelpers - Sendspace
    Scan: By Mangashare:
    Translation: By Roundboy2005

    Bleach 301: Shut Up & Die

    Page 1:
    The left hand and the left leg of Byakuya that was taken away by Brujería, but his rage is still burning.

    Page 3:
    Z: Heh..

    Page 6:
    Y: Ca-Captain-Kuchiki...Why did you...
    B: Destructive spell number 1..."Penetrate"
    Y: Huh...he made the ice..
    B: Fall back Yamada Hanadarou

    Page 8:
    Z: I see..not just the left leg, but you even throw away your left arm? You immediately regard everything that was taken away by Brujería as enemy and destroy it... even with your own body.It is a surprise for me. To have such a cold determination even toward yourself. But that determination from my point of veiw, has some flaw. Out of your four limbs, only your right hand and right leg can move.

    Page 9:
    Z: To think that you want to fight an Esapda like myself with just a single arm and a single leg, that is simply too stupid...Don't you feel the same as me? I have said that...between you and me, our strength is too far off...
    B: This is very troublesome... I give up my arm and even my leg...

    Page 10:
    B: Even so, to compare with you our strength is still too far off.
    Z: It is a shame, you don't understand the limit of your strength more than I thought. But there is something I forgot to tell you.

    Page 11:
    Z: Each of my eye, is pair with one of my opponent. I am very please that you can understand that. Just now I used two of my eyes to release amor. It means that beside your left arm there is something else that I have control over.

    Page 13:
    Y: Eh?
    Z: Don't move!!!!

    Page 14:
    Z: One eye can control one specific place.

    Page 15:
    Z: But if the head is controlled, then you can control the entire body. You have lost. Throw away your sword, the captain with no name.

    Page 16:
    B: Binding spell number 61: Six Rods Prisoner of Light.

    Page 17:
    Z: What is...this....Damn it...!
    B: "Control"...huh? That kind of stuff, has no meaning against me. Bankai....

    Page 18-19:
    B:Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

    Page 20:
    Z: Damn it... this kind of stuff...

    Page 21:
    Z: I will use all of my amor to control everything.
    B: Stop it. You said that each of your eye can control one thing. All of the eyes on your body including your one pair of eyes is fifty. Plus, with that limited fifty eyes...

    Page 22:
    B: facing off with these unlimited sword... which one are you planning to take control over?You've said that I am " A waste" right? And that I can't do anything. Let's me tell you this. For you to be in a situation like this, that is what we call "A waste."

    Page 23:
    B: "Annihilate", Senbonzakura Kageyoshi
    (It seems like i messed up on the page's number. Anyway, enjoy!!!)
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    Scan is out.

    I don't think this fight is over quite yet. Even if it isn't I'm betting he survived though.

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    Manga Share scanlation is out. Get it at

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    I knew from the begining but still awesome to see him do it.. but still over kill, he could just done single "Scater" thats 1000 blades, more then enough
    But the bad thing is Hanatarou getting slashed.. thats bad.

    I doub't there will be anything left of him, Byakuya aways was that guy that finished stuff in a flash.
    And I serious wanna see Kenpachi, so I hope next chapter is his fight, or Unohana, peer pressure over the squad people
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    That's it? If the enemy's done, it might also be easy for the other captains to defeat the other espadas... anyway, I hope to see the abilities of all the captains and espadas soon but I guess "soon" isn't possible.

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    pretty lame that his released state??

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    It's lame since the enemy's lame... If you're asking about the enemy's release state, yes. But I don't think that's his full strength, is it?

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    That was nice, the way Byakuya handled everything so calmly. Then again, he is always calm and he did know that he had a major edge over Zommari ever since the moment the pumpkin-thing announced his released power. Hmmm, if it were a different captain facing Zommari he would've gotten pwned. It's also suprising to see Hanatarou get wounded so badly (he's the type that doesn't deserve to get hurt, after all). Exequias fled, Zommari down, there's still the geeky bitching between Mayuri and Szayael and the major slugfest between Kenpachi and Nnotoira. Wonder which one will be shown next chapter...
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    Byakuya proves again that he is a bad ass in all forms and way, since the beginning of the battle to the end he never lost his cool, and in the end he totally raped zomari.

    I knew he wouldnt be so great since he is No.7 he never stood a change, but the fight i really expect is Mayuri Vs Szyaiel that is going to be interesting a fight. OH! and i wanna see more unknown kidoh it was so cool that byakuya used the Hadou no.1


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