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    Default Bleach 299 Spoilers

    This is from mangahelpers.. who in turn got it from someone at bleach asylum.. It looks like there isn't any kenpachi action in this chapter.. but it still seems like a good one none the less..


    Bleach 299

    A spread page is Nnoitra and Kenpachi holding back from each other.

    Ishida “Why you….at this place….”

    Szayel “What? Someone you know, Quincy”

    Mayuri “Someone he know? Well, I don’t know him, a low-class creature like that”

    Ishida “What the heck…?”

    Szayel “Well well don’t quarrel with each other, it’s unsightly. So, I’ll ask you again. Who… are you….? No.. Asking seems too good. After all, I’ll kill you at the moment. Knowing just a name will become useless info.”

    Mayuri “Oh that’s it. But for me, I’ll be in trouble if I don’t ask your name.”

    Szayel “….Why?”

    Mayuri “Why? Are you fool? Hasn’t that thing already decided?”

    Mayuri “After you are bottled, I’ll write your name on the container.”

    Mayuri threadtened him whereas Szayel just laughed.

    The scene change to Byakuya and Zomari

    Zomari “What’s your point? Aren’t you going to attack me? Intruder. Just give up. If you’re going to rescue that Shinigami who’s dying over there, it’s useless. You should stop.”

    Byakuya “…I can’t understand, what’s the meaning of useless?”

    The moment that Byakuya’s going to move, Zomari attacked him from behind. Byakuya’s confused.

    Byakuya “…What does this mean? That’s”

    In front of Byakuya, there are two Zomari.

    Zomari “Twin Sonido. My sinido is the fastest among Espada. What’s more, my step creates a shadow similar to my body…..So, it’s a play of some conjuring tricks.”

    Byakuya “….I see. But then, you will feel ashamed…to reveal what you have in your hand so early to me.”

    Byakuya and Zomari exchanged their attacks.

    Zomari “Too bad, my Twin Sonido doesn’t create just 2 bodies.”

    Byakuya “So that’s it. Demon Path 4”

    The beam went through Zomari behind Byakuya. It looked like his fake bodies increasing.

    Zomari “The maximum is 5 bodies”

    Now Byakuya’s fighting with 5 Zomari

    Zomari “….Goodbye captain whom I don’t even know a name. Your cause of defeat that leaves your name untold is your arrogance.”

    However, he manage to cut only Byakuya’s coat

    Byakuya “??????????????I don’t want to use a technique learned from that person (refer to Yoruichi). You are the one who is arrogance. But, you don’t need to fear. Beating you is not because of your arrogance, but it’s because of the pure difference in our ranks.”

    It ended with Byakuya’s panel.

    *Note: I have no idea what is the English name for that technique, but I think it's some kinds of Shunpo?

    [b]Credit goes to Danna at BleachAsylum.[/b[

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    In your instincts...


    I really hope that Mayuri kicks Szayel´s ass and brings him back to SS as a test subject. I´m tired of this 8th Espada...

    And, if that spoiler is indeed true, the fight between Byakuya and the 7th Espada will be pretty interesting. Because of his fight against Ichigo, probably Byakuya thought of a way to counter his enemy´s high speed.

    And no Kenpachi and Noitora this week? Well, let´s save the best for the end...

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    Haha! "I need to know you name so that I know what to label the specimen bottle I am going to hold you in" I'd seriously laugh too if I didn't know Mayuri was actually making a serious statement. If mr Yaoi-Espada thinks he was the most sadisticly evil scientist around, he has just met his match. Mayuri is going around putting pathetic hollow creatures into containers. Now what other anime have I heard of where someone goes around trapping pathetic wildlife in containers.........(pokemon.....)
    "You are a 100 years too early to argue logically with ME......"

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    On the other side of your screen. Come on over.


    I don't like it. The exchange between Mayuri and Szayel is great but I am extremely disappointed in the Byakuya/Zomari part. Plus I don't believe that they could end the last chapter with Zaraki & Nonoitra at each others throats then just completely avoid it.

    I want to see Chad get healed. Then Yammi shows up and he kicks Yammis ass while the medical divisions captain takes out the extermination squad. I really want to see Yammi get his ass kicked.

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    Still, its no surprice how the Byakuya/Zomari battle is goin to end. You can see it comin..

    Look like an ok ch. this week, but I was hoping for more Mayuri, then plain talking..he's always fun to watch in a battle.

    Edit: And he looks so cool, with his new mask :b

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    You know what, I just remembered that not all Espadas are of the Vastorode strain.

    I'd like Kubo to justify the lines of having 10 Vastorode could spell the disaster of Soul Society.

    Anyway back to my thought. If everyone thinks the captains are going to kick Espada asses, it makes it all a bit lame. Plus add the fact that every each match up starts with one thinking he is better than the other (Teh Arrogance Paradox).

    It makes for an exciting chapter though.

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    kubo paired up each match perfectly except for unohana(how do i say this?) anyway here is also a chance to view the true strengths of each captain

    Quentin: hey actually aizen is also wondering whether he can find all the vastro lordes

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    Haha that Mayuri sure is sadistic.. I guess Byakuya's battle is only short and it seems like he has a new technique to show, and I hope Zaraki has one too. I hope Uohana will show her monster side hehe.. anyway, let's just see what happens.

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    in a world where people are more than people .


    well i dont like Mayuri or Syazel much but id like to see kenpachi fight .
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    Mayuri and Syasomething can just kill each other. Byakuya's and Kenpachi's fights would probably be much more interesting.


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