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    Quote Originally Posted by gonzo562 View Post
    kenpachi being real or a illusion still up in the air. But i think he is the real deal
    The whole blocking the fist thing and the sidetext saying that it's Kenpachi would suggest that.

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    Spoilers pics are up, its him
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terasiel View Post
    I have to say, the Kenpachi versus Tousen fight was... not a typical "DBZ fight."

    Tousen never tried to cut Kenpachi's head or neck. Kenpachi wasn't able to attack head on. Most of all, Tousen was already heavily wounded and had used his Ban Kai till it broke from his condition. Not a fair way to judge strength.

    Still, even I wonder if Kenpachi losing to Ichigo was completely Deus Ex Machina coincidence. Ichigo may have just happened to cut him deep enough that that last time and Kenpachi just missed. Then again - who knows?
    Ichigo technically never beat Kenpachi in the first place. The only reason Ichigo walked away the victor was because Kenpachi literally declared him so. On every one of their charges, Ichigo was the first to fall, and the first to lose consiousness.

    If the fact Kenpachi's sword broke is the reason Ichigo "won", then Ichigo still should technically be the loser, as Kenpachi broke Ichigo's sword on two seperate occasions earlier in the fight.

    Kenpachi clearly had Ichigo outmatched their entire fight.

    I DO agree with the Kenpachi/Tousen argument more or less, however. If Tousen had just aimed for Kenpachi's neck or head, it might not have lasted that long. However, there's no way of telling how Kenpachi would have reacted the moment he felt the blade touch the flesh of his neck. His reaction speed was shown to be top-notch upon feeling the blade connect with his flesh. He might very well have stopped the blade from digging into his neck the moment he felt it by either grabbing the blade with his hand, or simply shifting his body for it to cut a different part of his face or shoulder.
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    ^ He could have just used some kidou or something. The fact is, Tousen was an idiot. You cant really judge their strength from their fight, only their intelligence and Kenpachis adaptability.

    And yes he was stronger than Ichigo + Zangetsu, but it wasnt by a ridiculous amount, and by that I mean Ichigo + Vizard + Bankai would likely rip him apart. He either got some Ridonkulous powerup or Kubo just pulled another Rukia.

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    So much for "Pulled a Rukia" being a terrible drawing narration.


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