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    Cool Bleach 294 Spoilers and Discussion

    Spoiler 1
    Nel and Noitra talk in the past

    Nel is ranked 3rd Espada while Nnoitra is the current number 8

    Although it is not drawn (seen in the chapter) when they fight there is apparently a huge gap in their power levels

    Though in the past Nnoitra has lost a fight to her or “got the final blow”

    ネルはノイトラのことを戦士ではなく獣と称して、戦士でもない者の命を背負う気はないととどめ をさすことを 拒絶
    Nel says Nnoitra is not a soldier but simply a beast, she will not fight someone like this and she doesn’t want to be burdened with taking the life of a person who is not a soldier so she stops the fatal attack.

    ノイトラはそれが更に癇に障ったらしく、近く弐いた現在は側近(過去は同僚?)のテスラに八つ 当たり
    Also Nnoitra let’s his temper get in the way, now with his close associate (past colleague?) he has an angry outburst at Tesla.
    The reason Nnoitra is involved with Nel is because he can not accept that a woman is stronger than a man on the battleground.

    Some time passes and Nnoitra goes to those close to Nel (?)
    Pesche and Dondo’s masks are broken.

    The writer says he doesn't understand it well, but it seems that the arrancar whose mask is completely broken and/or wounded is useless.

    Nnoitra makes a surprise attack on Nel

    Szayel seems to be the one who has helped Nnoitra.

    ノイトラは血に臥すネルに向かって、お前が力を取り戻すまでに経験を積み、お前より強くなって る的発言をす る
    Nnoitra gives a speech while Nel lays in a pool of her own blood that by the time she is back to normal he will get more experience and be stronger.

    Spoiler Pics
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    So, arrancars can aspire to higher ranks huh, interesting

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    i see, i never thought of arrancar espada remaining so much into the group of ten and even getting higher ranks, now thats interesting

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    I don't know why it would come off as such a surprise to be honest. Noitora is such an ambitious guy, and the fact that there actually is a known ranking system among the espada implies that the former espada must have competed for their positions.

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    it makes sense. kill your way to the top until only the strongest, most cunning, most whatever is left.

    but i think this is where Kenpachi is different from Noitora. Kenpachi lives for the fight, Noitora lives for the fame.

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    I think what you said is true, but I think the way hollows get stronger just engenders a quest for power more directly. After all, if hollows get stronger by eating each other, then they would feel the safest being too strong to be eaten by others. In SS, no one has that kind of direct competition where their very lives depend on their strength.

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    interesting spoiler... if it's true, it means that Nell is at least on par with the current mid-level espada. If Nell *was* #3, where would the top two ex-espada have gone, or are they still within aizen's ranks?

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    I think that from this, we can safely say that Haibel is el Seieto Espada, #7.

    Think about it. Noitora cannot stand a woman in a higher rank than him. The only woman on the Espada is Haibel herself. So, if we take a look at the current Espada ranks, (including the deceased) we get this.

    10 - Yami
    9 - Arroniro (aka Kaien)
    8 - Salazayel
    7 - ?
    6 - Grimmjow
    5- Noitora
    4- Uniquorra
    3- ?
    2- ?
    1- ?

    So if Noitora hates women in higher rank (the sexist prick....) then he would have taken care of Haibel if she were in positions 3, 2, or 1. Therefore, those positions belong to Stark, the black dude with the skull earings and skull spikes, and the old man.

    Personally, I think the old geezer is #1, Stark is #2, and the black dude is #3. Kubo likes his older characters to pack a punch, which is my reasoning for #1. No particular reasoning for #2 &3, I'm just going on a hunch.

    Anyway, didn't Kubo show a few chapters ago how the Hollows evolve? He said that D-roy would never become a Vastrolorde, from his broken mask. Ergo, broken mask = broken powers.

    How could Dondochakra's and Peshe's masks be broken? We would have seen it. We've seen them from almost ever angle imaginable since the team broke into Las Noches. Especially since they started fighting with Salazayel (when will it end?!).

    'Til next time, cheerio.
    Nobody is perfect. I am a nobody.

    Therfore, I am perfect.

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    pesshe's mask could be broken behind his eyepatch, as for dondo, i dunno, could be anywhere.


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