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    Menos Grande are created by many hollows combining. I dont think we ever got an exact number on how many, but it seems like a lot. The notion that a newly minted menos would have human memories is difficult. WHICH soul's memories of life would it have? It was never mentioned, but perhaps the personality of a self aware menos is completely random. Maybe its a proto personality, like a baby, that is then shaped by the brutal reality of Hueco Mundo into a vicious if not evil mind. Maybe the new personality is a sort of aggregate made from the personality fragments of all the souls that comprise the menos. Either way, the resulting mind and personality is completely original and was never human. As a matter of fact, from Grimjaw's explanation of the process, the Menos must then choose to fight for and protect this identity, meaning the new identity is not just a fleeting brush of sentience, but a complete self that occupies the new hollow so that all the souls that made up the menos lose all individuality in the face of this strong self identity that is fighting to continue itself.
    As for arrancars, removing the mask carries great symbolsim. Having a face is a very human trapping of individual identity. One way of understanding this is through sexual objectification. Jokes about putting a bag over someone's head while you take them to bed is a way of removing individual identity so you can ignore it. Likewise, revealing a person's face by removing a mask is like solidly affirming individual identity and proudly displaying it.
    Nell was very special as her identity developed into a concerned friend (pehaps influenced by all the souls that turned into hollows due to regret over losing loved ones)
    At what point Nell became Nell, at what what point it was clear she was female, at what point she began caring for others is all unclear. But as soon as she removed her mask and revealed her face, most definitely marked a finished identity. Sort of like growing up. At this point, the necessities of life in Hueco Mundo probably clashed with her friendly side, AND she no longer had a mask to hide behind. So she made a new 'mask' by emotionally regressing to a childish mind and acting immature to shield her identity from the dissonance created by the brutal acts she was probably required to commit daily. Having the emotional maturity of a child is probably what caused her downfall. It was probably difficult to maintain any sort of martial discipline for very long. Thus she was brought down, despite her level of power.

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    Warning: Totally random crap.

    ehh, chap 294 gives a better view of her uniform when she belonged in the espada, and she looks like the michelin tire. :/


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