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    Default is some of the arrancar arc manga/anime storyline is getting a bit unrealistic?

    i think it is. why?
    because first of all, ichigo was getting a real beating from grimmjow, even with his hollow powers and then suddenly he beats him when he goes to hueco mundo because "of his desire to save his friends" which somehow gave him such a HUGE "sudden burst of strength" and even though this happens alot in anime...i think thats just stretch it
    and then there was rukia vs aaroniero alulueri(9th espada) think this time kubo-sama has REALLY stretched it because how the hell can a seated officer(at the most) defeat an espada and kill him????!!!! even a lieutenant, captain and someone who could be a captain had a LOT of trouble killing someone who is NOT an espada so therefore i think it is incredibly unrealistic for someone of a SEATED position at the most to kill an espada. and again there was that unrealistic "sudden burst of strength" which somehow made her kill alulueri....and then there is something else i dont understand about his death and that is: when a much weaker opponent attempts to stab a much stronger opponent, normally it doesnt stab(and if you want an example there are LOADS-the most noticible example is probaly the incident with aizen and ichigo for you anime watchers and for me-definitly when ishida manages to shoot an arrow right THROUGH zaerua-pollo grantz [8th espada]and it didnt even do any damage at all!) so how the hell did rukia manage to even CUT alulueri when she was a heluva alot weaker than him???!!!
    if anyone has anymore examples of unrealism in bleach(preferably in the arrancar arc then plz say)
    now...i wonder how ishida and renji are going to defeat grantz(if they do) because if they do then i wont be surprised if its because some unrealistic reason

    now then...i'll leave it to you lot to discuss

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    Well, I think Ichigo's continuous upgrades and ability to fight multiple opponents while still keeping stamina is way unrealistic in this arc. Ishida, Renji, and Chad all had realistic fights. On Rukia, I don't care if she took out Aroniero with her as long as she's dead.

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    I should kill you Ureshi for wishing Rukia-chan death lol j/k

    Nah If you recall when Rukia was fighting the arrancar when grimjaww first came into earth, her Mod soul told ichigo about how she has the stength to be a seated officer but Byakuya pulls strings to keep her lower so she doesnt get dangerous assignments.

    Now I kinda agree about the whole hueco mundo thing, its like soul society with arrancar and Orihime as the damsel in distress.
    *Crosses Arms* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA




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