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    Default Ichigo's power makes no sense.

    ...and by "makes no sense" I mean it isn't constant.

    This has been bothering me for a while.

    The first time Ichigo fought Grimmjow, he got the SHIT beaten out of him, even while he was in Bankai form. The second time though, he almost beat him, but Grimmjow only had one arm. This third time though...doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Before Grimmjow released his Zanpakutou, him and Ichigo were about even. Then, Grimmjow released his powers...
    That's when things get fucktarded.
    Ichigo is surprised obviously at Grimmjow's new appearance and powers for a minute, but then he pretty much proceeds to slowly start winning...almost right off the bat. Ichigo hadn't even changed in any way. WTF
    Then in the most recent chapter, Ichigo is still winning (despite his mask disappearing), but Grimmjow manages to block an attack of Ichigo's and they sit for a bit. Orihime then yells encouraging words to Ichigo, and his mask then disappears. THEN HE SUDDENLY BECOMES RIDICULOUSLY POWERFUL. THAT MAKES NO GOD DAMN SENSE. NO ONE CAN BE ENCOURAGED THAT MUCH BY WORDS ALONE.
    Plus, If the power levels of the Espada don't decrease by much as their numbers go up (As demonstrated by Grimmjow vs. Ulquiorra) Ichigo shouldn't have been winning at any point in time, since Ulquiorra pretty much KILLED him.
    Anyway, I'm wondering:

    -What is Tite Kubo thinking?
    -Will Grimmjow actually be relatively unharmed due to some power we haven't seen yet?
    -Is anyone else bothered by this?
    -Did anyone else even notice?

    ...I may add more later...I don't know yet.

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    I also think that the suddenly even power Ichigo is abrupt, but what can you do about it? You're freaking out too much about how Tite decided to make Ichigo equal to the Espada without enough power transition. It happened, deal with it.

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    i doubt grimmjow is using his full ability with the release. he's just toying around with ichigo.

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    it's the Power of Friendship, lol

    you should check out digimon and beyblades where they defeat overwhelming evil forces just with that

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    Default encouragement eh? what about confessions?

    Well, yes it hold true that in many kiddy (though there are some good ones) that words of encouragement or compliments help the good or bad guy. But I have yet to see an anime/manga have a scene where someone confesses their love and they get like an ultimate power boost. Since words of encouragement boosts power a little, wouldn't be like an uber boost if someone confessed to you in midst of battle or would that just throw you off?

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    Ah hem , You may have forgotten G gundam.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tousen View Post
    Please don't bother. Simple rule: If it wasn't in the manga, it doesn't count.

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    It's obvious what happened. Or heere's what I think. When Ulquiorra punched that hole into Ichigo's chest, he must've embedded that punch with his reiatsu. So now Ichigo's hollow's reiatsu is probably much stronger. Or something.

    ^Thanks Yoko^
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    when ichigo fought grimjaw first time,he was new to,and had trouble controlling and using his bankai.he got owned because the hollow came out,and also because he couldnt use many getsuga tenshous.and his fear of his hollow side made thing difficullt too
    ichigo vs grimjaw round 3:
    ichigo was way better with his bankai,and fully healed and he was almost on even ground with grimjaw.grimjaw does gran rey,and ichigo has to use mask.grimjaw the percentage increase in power is greater in ichigo than in grimjaw,as grimjaw gets slashed 2-3 times.ichigo gets hurt by bullets,and gets beaten up.BUT HIS MASK DOESNT BREAK.he just is emotionally affected by the fact that his friend who he came to rescue was shocked by him(i didnt like this part either)
    so he couldnt focus.then orihime says 'go,ichigo' and his spirits (and spirit power) surge,and he starts taking the upper hand he just had.
    ichigo's problem has always been that he fights for a reason,like protecting his friends,etc,etc.

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    It makes perfect sense. Urahara said so himself. When the soul is most in danger, blah blah blah blah, it gains power ups. That's the dumbed down version of it. Ulquoirra whoops Ichigo's ass, nearly kills him, Ichigo gets a power up, in this case, holding his mask for longer than 11 seconds.

    As for his previous fights with Grimmjaw, it's already been explained but I'll do it again because I have nothing better to do.

    Ichigo vs. Grimmjaw round 1: Grimmjaw is kicking Ichigo's ass in bankai. Ichigo can't control his hollow side and instead of giving into it, thus being able to fight on par with Grimmjaw, he suppresses it, along with his own power.

    Ichigo vs. Grimmjaw round 2: Ichigo is initially winning but then the mask breaks and Grimmjaw is back onto kicking Ichigo's ass even with one arm. Ichigo is still too inexperienced in masked form.

    Ichigo vs. Ulquoirra: Ulquoirra pwns him. The end.

    Ichigo vs. Grimmjaw round 3: Both are using hollow and shinigami powers in their fully released states so the fight is quite even. As I've said before, near death experience for Ichigo's soul gives him a power up to be able to hold his mask for longer. Grimmjaw is in released form too. This is the most even battle seen between the two yet.
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    as of chapter 283 page 19 is the latest if im correct his mask has yet to dissappear. Pedobear he still has his mask on its just beatin up pretty bad and is barly hanging on his head. So he didnt get so amazingly powerful without the mask figured id point that out to yah XP. Also its a shonen magizine if you dont like it dont read it.


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