I actually liked the chapter. One of the reasons I like Bleach is that they go in depth on what the characters are feeling and why they do things. It's not just senseless action with a good story. There is a lot of character development.

Orohime getting over her initial fear of Ichigos hollow form is part of her character development. The characters seem more realistic (if there can ever be something realistic about people with these kinds of supernatural powers) and makes you actually give a crap about them. Without character development, I wouldn't give a crap about the fact that Chad and Rukia are on the floor somewhere bleeding to death.

This chapter also established once and for all the kind of hero Ichigo is. He's the kind that powers up when he feels that his friends are relying on him. He was getting his ass kicked until Orohime showed him some support. Now Grimmjow (whose released state to me was so disappointing) is gonna get his ass kicked.