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    Default Bleach has been sucking horribly

    ..ever since they left soul society. Confirm/deny?

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    DENY!! Have you been reading the manga at all?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tousen View Post
    Please don't bother. Simple rule: If it wasn't in the manga, it doesn't count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mican View Post
    ..ever since they left soul society. Confirm/deny?

    No one gives a shit if you think Bleach sucks now. You don't like it, don't read it. Very fucking simple, no?

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    This thread doesn't deliver 1/10.

    While this thread doesn't deliver, the person is actually correct.
    After the Soul Society arc the manga has dropped alot on quality (not that there where overly much from the start), and some very simple author mistakes/plotholes have apeard.

    The beigest being Rukia's strengh.
    As when we first see her she get's distracted, and totaly overrun by a Hollow that we today know is so goddamn weak it's not even true.
    Then we ad to the fact that when she comes back after training in Soul Society we find out that she has the strengh of the level of a SS officer, and supposedly always had.
    How come then that due to her being distracted, by a human at that, she get's beaten by a Hollow that should have been so much weaker than her so that she most likely would have been able to beat it in her sleep?

    Just to make this thread usefull.

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    To answer your question Lars, it is stated that when she is first in Ichigo's vicinity that Ichigo's spirit energy naturally radiates off of him acting like a "static" barrier for the purpose of zoning in or using spiritual abilities. I don't know if this "ability" of Ichigo's affects machines too (perhaps to a lesser degree) but his power totaly overwhelmed her ability to scence Spiritual Energy. In fact she didn't realize he was even the source right away. Latter she has became accustomed to him, thereby "enhancing" her abilities (basicly just being able to block out Ichi's "Noise") when she is around him. Also, it was a basic Hollow, so why should she release on it? Then to save Ichigo, a split second delay (even to release) would have ment his life.
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    To Lars:
    One of the posters here said this before that Rukia was probably distracted due to Ichigo's reckless actions, i.e., trying to save Karin on his own and letting himself eat by the hollow. Anyway, I guess you were just expecting something different and got pissed when your expectations did go well.. And that's what's great about Bleach! So expect the unexpected...

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    Also to add to that.

    If that doesn't happen to Rukia, there is no story, there would be absolutely nothing to progress the story. Bleach doesn't happen if that happens.

    You say this about Rukia, but then don't mention the fact that Ichigo had like 3 upgrades in SS without even trying, then at least one more in HM (if a spoiler script is correct) without even doing anything besides getting the shit beat out of him. (not that I'm really complaining, I love Bleach)
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    i confirm, and i have stopped reading it long ago now

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    i confirm. last exciting fight was byakuya vs. ichigo in soul society arc. after that, the story and the fight scenes have been so so..

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    confirm only because the latest arcs feel like copypasta from the earlier parts. no, i'm not saying that it's exactly the same, but anyone should be able to admit they're pretty damn similar.


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