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    I agree with Irecinius.

    The story was great in SS because... there was actually a story. Hell, there was even stuff going on in the background with Aizen and all the crap he was trying to do.

    Now, it's just the thinnest layer taken off the top of the SS arc (save "rukia"), and more fighting. Don't get me wrong, senseless violence is great, but SS was a lot more exciting.

    A redeeming quality of the new arc, though, is that the artwork's gotten a lot better... kinda.
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    ^Ichigo's new mask sure looks great. This arc's purpose could be to introduce all the espadas so they don't waste time on the Winter War arc. Ichigo seems to be getting a steady character development, so not all that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joaquin.pockels View Post
    If you stoped reading the manga, then you have "0" interest on it. If you go and look into te bleach chat to see what is happening having "0" interest that means that at least you have 1. Then thouse ppl will be like Heshamaru (not a fan, not an addicted) or ppl that like to criticism.
    it's not as if i came in this specific forum regularly to criticize one thing or another. I saw the topic in the last updated thread and simply contributed knowing most people would not confirm the OP statement.

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    Deny . . . . I guess its not been as good as the SS arc but the SS arc was EPIC, i think its pretty impossible to have a manga that good all of the time. It will probably get back to that point, but i dont think its dropped any lower a than great/very good level sinse the SS arc. I quite enjoyed the bit of calm after the storm of SS, and now its building up for another storm. Personally ive been on the edge of my seat for most of the Espada fights, I guess they are not to everyones liking though.

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    There have been a drop of quality but not like "sucking horribly".

    The problem is that it feels like a rethread of the SS arc in a way but it introduces some cool new characters though and stuff about Ichigo's hybrid nature.

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    It's not as good as the SS arc (what do you expect if it revolves around Hime that much), but it's still a good manga.

    It's just that Kubo is not as good as Rumiko Takahashi. But he does good work
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    Maybe I'm the only one who gets annoyed by these threads (as there are plenty), but I cant really see any redeeming value of a thread thats sole purpose is to congregate and bitch about how your formerly favorite manga sucks now. Is it really necessary to whine about it as if the thread is going to make the manga stop sucking?




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    ^it wont make it stop sucking....but it makes me feel better.
    bleach is going downhill.
    it's still good,but SS arc was the best bleach will ever get.

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    ^ yeah, sometimes you just gotta get it off your chest. And yeah things been a bit wack after SS. Btw where's Tobi in your sig?

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    Default Wow, you seem really cool.

    I find it funny that retards come here and post "OMG iFF U DNT LIEK THE MANGA DONT POST STUFF LIEK YU DNT LEIK TEH MANGA"

    I mean really, who coems into a thread bashing the manga by bashing the op by saying shit like "well just dont read it" How about you people who dont like thread

    "Just dont post in it"

    Wouldn't that make you a LOT less retarded? <-- Try To Fight me, Biatch!


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