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    That's correct ALL of the espada except for 9 are adjuchas. He(Aizen) said he needed to contact the vastro and to paraphrase, bring them into the fold.

    And what does that say about Yami? I think Chad is going to shred him to pieces if they meet again. Unless Kubo is trying to give him to somebody weaker than Chad like whitey-chan, or some of the low end vizards.
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    Please don't bother. Simple rule: If it wasn't in the manga, it doesn't count.

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    ^ No, he said he needed to gather all the vastorōde, doesn't mean that he hasn't contacted at least a few.

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    ^ or he have contacted them all already.. Just they aren't needed at the moment yet.

    Until the winter we going to expeculate, we got to wait to see what Aizen plans to do to open the thing, and how the vastolordes are needed.
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    Default Wait wait you forget something

    You guys do understand that Aizen either came from earth or was born in soul society as far as we know (He could be a Vasto Lord or a survivor from the Demon/Hell gate for all we know) meaning when he came to HM (Henco Mundo) there was the most powerful being already there meaning Aizen either dealt with him or stopped him. Now originally i thought that maybe 1-8 were maybe some how related to this being because 1-8 masks can form one complete mask which could have been him.

    But the thing about mask are just the end of the transformation after the chain is broken. Now this must differ by person for instance a great warrior would be stronger then a peasant even if both were in SS. So i think the removing of the mask isn't the power boost. It is the human spirit of the soul. How much strength it had in life going to be shown as a shinigami but as a hollow your instantly strong or powerful in some way that is some way related to your soul. So the removing of the mask is actually doubling the power of a hollow because now its spirit is receiving the power from the shinigami side as well as the hollow side which is why in a way the vizards and ichigo put on the mask and they have more power because their spirit goes through both power ups.

    So in a way it differs for each Arrancar just like if differs for each Vizard. So looking at them as a whole makes them weak but so does looking at the captains + the vice captains. Because the Vice captains would drag the captains down with them with their weakness


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