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    Instinct doesn't improve strength. It improves what you do with your strength. In reality, you aren't going to suddenly get stronger just because you get a little crazier, you gotta work toward it... a lot.

    And honestly, the only example I could think of for "going feral" would be Kyuubi Naruto... but who wants to bring that into this... so I'll say River Tam from Serenity//Firefly. No real strength, per se (and I use this thinking I'm using it right), but she uses what she's got to kick the asses of everybody around her. That's kinda how I take berserkers: Fixed strength, crazy smarts/instinct. That's why I'm thinking/saying that Ichigo getting a little crazier isn't making him stronger... but I guess that's in a literal sense. Seriously, if you count him learning to control his hollow powers more via insinct "getting stronger", then I gotta say that's just how we interpret things differently.

    Oh ya, another example if Inui Sadaharu from Prince of Tennis. He's a Data tennis player (thinks before he acts kind of thing) who goes crazy one day and starts playing with his instinct. He doesn't get stronger, he uses his body's strength to its fullest.

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    Thus you get a better hybridization with his hollow, allowing him to keep his mask on for longer.

    Bottom line is that He's trusting the hollow side more and more. The hollow is leaking more and more of his reitsu type (more I guess menacing than what Ichigo's normally is and of course hollow feeling). Thus you get Halibel saying it felt like a fight between espada.
    Reminds me of Naruto and the Kyuubi...


    I'm waiting for Orihime to make an observation on the feeling she gets from Ichigo's reiatsu. Vs Byakuya, she was willing to sit through it and whatever, saying it was good, blah blah (I think). Against Yamii, she said he was pissed like a toilet. Now, I wanna hear her thoughts again... anyone else?
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    And your name's annoying to type; from now on you're sazny.
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    i think i like metro's explanation of the situation the best: ichigo developing more "hollow"-like traits to keep his "hollow"-like abilities - which are especially strong in hueco mundo.

    it reminds me a bit of Shaman King where they had to attain Hyoi 100% (perfect bonding with their spirits) in order to release their full strength


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