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    the last one was BS so heres an new one

    name:data crusher. looks like an normal tanto

    shikai: release command is calculate
    the blade glows blue. what ever attack comes in contact with the blade will have everything measured including power speed accuracy and so on. this will allow the blade to calculate and ajust itself to match the technique of the opponent.It will even create a new technique to counter the other.

    Bankai:same as shikai but the blade does not need to make contact with a technique. it then gives the weakness of the technique and give the user of this zanpaktou the ability to see all the opponents blind spots.

    this one is better

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    Name: Tsukiyomi Tsuichi

    Sealed Form: Zanpakuto-like Twin Blades

    Spirit Form: An young boy named Tsuichi, who wears a blood red and black hoodie, has a rough red eye color and dark red hair spiked like Captain Hitsugaya's, and his little sister, a young girl named Tsukiyomi, who wears a sky-blue kimono, has a soft blue eye color and violet colored hair. They often argue with one another.
    Shikai: Destroy the peace, Tsukiyomi Tsuichi. The blade in my right hand (Tsuichi) turns bright, blood red at the tip and fades to pitch black at the handle, and it's design is like that of fire, whereas the blade in my left hand (Tsukiyomi) turns a soft blue at the tip and fades to a bright white at the handle, and it keeps the same design.

    Shikai abilities: Tsuichi creates fire and allows the user to create a wall of fire as a shield, and burn whatever touches it's blade, while Tsukiyomi creates ice and allows it's user to freeze it's opponent where he/she stands as well as create a dimension in which everything is the same as the original dimension except that all surrounding landscape is made of ice which Tsuichi cannot melt.

    Bankai: Desolate the world, malicious Tsukiyomi Tsuichi.Tsuichi (shikai form) slowly bursts into flames and engulfs the user's arm and slowly crawls to the user's back where it becomes a red-and-black demonic wing and the user's arm and hand turn into a dark claw, whilst Tsukiyomi (shikai form) turns itself and the user's arm to ice and creates an angelic wing out of ice and creates a staff of ice as hard as steel.

    Bankai abilities: Tsuichi (the claw) sucks the shadows into itself and from the shadows creates a pitch-black fire which can burn thru the opponent's defenses, and Tsuichi can create a hell-like dimension in which there is no light other than that created by the surrounding flames.Tsukiyomi allows it to snow at all times during bankai, creates beams of ice which is near indestructable and if touched by the beam, the opponent can possibly die.

    Special abilities: Crossroads of Destiny- an x-shaped blast of light and darkness which absorbs the surrounding reishi into the blades. Once the reishi has been fully absorbed the user strikes the blades together in the direction of the opponent and the blast attacks the opponent's reiatsu.

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    Hum hum, i'll give it a go;

    Name: Kouyoukou

    Sealed state: A black katana with a guard that comes across the fingers

    Zanpaktou Spirit: An arrogant teenage prince, dressed in english victorian clothing

    Shikai: "Take your throne, Kouyoukou". Sword transforms into a small ornate handgun. Can fire bullets made of the user's spiritual pressure, can also use vagrant spiritual pressure (think quincy). Each bullet has varied strength depending on how much energy has been compressed into them. Can prepare bullets ahead of time for later use.

    Incomplete Bankai (if I were a shinigami, I think i'd mess up on this a few times by forcing it): Gun evaporates, user's spiritual pressure drops to zero. User must now use only external spiritual pressure to form weapons (strength and form affected by willpower of user). Extraordinarily hard to control.

    Bankai: "Bankai.....Chishio Kouyoukou". Gun transforms into a much larger handgun (looks more like a large magnum) with two barrels (one on top of the other) and an angled handle. User gains victorian era clothing. Ability to absorb and compress vagrant spiritual pressure increased heavily. Can also use external spiritual pressure to temporarily multiply strength and speed. Bullets gain a gravity bending characteristic (due to the density of each). Can also use gun as a sword by collecting spiritual pressure to form a blade at the end of the barrel.

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    Name: Deception
    Command: Terrorize, Deception
    Spirit: Man in light gray armor with glowing, extremely radiant blue eyes. Notable pieces of his armor include his gauntlets and metal strappings on his legs and feet. His hair is always a mix of gray, white and black and is always flowing upward.

    Sealed form is two blades strapped across the back in an X pattern. Both are fairly short and thin. The hilt is a circular shape around the blade and so is the guard. The guard is circular and extends a little beyond the hilt.
    Shikai: Upon release the two swords and scabbards disappear and form the gauntlets around his hands feet. A pair of goggles forms around the user's eyes but it looks like it is fused into him. It gives a kind of bio technology look.
    Powers include general increase in battle prowess and all attributes. Reiatsu blasts can come out from his hands or legs and are used in conjunction with his physical attack. Most of it is physical and speed based.
    Bankai: The bankai is a bit special because the user has to have a general disregard for those around him. Because his zanpakutou spirit has such a strong influence this gives it the reason for his name and command.
    When it's released the user automatically goes unconscious for around 3 minutes as his mind and body adjust to the full armor he now has. As he is unconscious the only thing he feels and does is the influence of the zanpakuto. Anyone coming near him is shot by reiatsu blasts. These can go from any part of his armor, including the back. He cannot move however while he is unconscious. Even though he feels the influence of the spirit he doesn't actually get possessed by him. Therefore, his body cannot move and a defense mechanism is set in place. He is surrounded by a ball of dense reiatsu. It's not that the reiatsu is a lot and protects him, it's that it's so dense that its virtually impenetrable.

    When he regains consciousness all the reiatsu around him disappears and he retains the ability to shoot blasts from anywhere. His speed and cutting power increase. The higher velocity he has when flying at you make the attack sharper and stronger.

    There are two drawbacks to this whole thing.
    1. He attacks whoever is near when he has lost consciousness
    2. After a certain point (when he gets tired and starts to lose his stamina) he becomes unconscious again and shoots reiatsu blasts. This time there is no dense reiatsu shield.


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