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    Quote Originally Posted by adonai View Post
    Kaien-Arroniro: It’s because out of all the Arrancar I’m the only one that can evolve itself without end!!! (1) This ability was originally the spirit body fusing ability of “Metastacia”, who Shiba Kaien fought. When the spirit body of “Metastacia” died, crumbled and returned to Hueco Mundo, I devoured it and gained (2)it’s ability!!

    Rukia: You…ate…it…?

    Kaien-Arroniro: Exactly. My ability is “Hollow Eater” where I eat a fallen hollow and gain its abilities and its reiatsu. (3)The power I made mine is one that I got eating the spirit body of Shiba Kaien when it came back along with that hollow still inside it.

    Here is what I understood from it:

    1) The wording makes it really unclear...
    2) Soul Fusing Ability with Living
    3) Kaien's shinigami power

    I really dont think we can know for sure until we understand what is that other ball-head in that jar next to Aaroniro. Also, what experiments does Aizen do? From what i understood all he does is use the hogyoku...a different espada does experiments but i doubt he has anything to do with Aaroniiro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echoblaze View Post

    kaien was only a vice-captain, and as far as we know, that rank do not have ban kai (with *few* exceptions), so i doubt it; it would suck if ban kai was really common because it loses its appeal. anyway...

    ...the number of hollows he's eaten is OVER 9000!!!
    ROFL, i laughed for like 20 secs after reading that.

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    Didn't Arroniro manifest the tentacles which had the ability of fusing with a shimigami? His original power was the hollow eater, gives him access to their spiritual form, memories, and even their unique abilities.. So he ate Metastacia, which had also had Kaien... etc. So his dominant ability that he can ALWAYS use is Arroniro's true ability, but can't use all the abilities of those he's eaten. Unless, of course, he unseal his zanpakuto.

    ^Thanks Yoko^
    I thoroughly believe that most mods in this site suck.

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    me likey impaling! hopefully something really bad happens to rukia. and what about renji? i wanna see his fight

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    i gotta hand it to Kubo. he got me goin' there. i felt like there was a trick, and yet, it was like the real kaien.
    Do I have to?


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