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    Personally, I think it should take place in a seperate timeframe from the main series. If it's just like the real manga, it'll be pretty gay; all the events would already be dictated, and there wouldn't really be any surprises. I think it should take place, like, in a seperate time; I mean, like, same worlds, same era, but no canon characters.

    That way, it really is that whoever is strongest gets recognized as a captain or vice captain, and nobody has to be second to some NPC just cuz that's 'the way it is in the REAL Bleach!'
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    Quote Originally Posted by MagoKui Heir View Post

    Hollow - Shinigami - Quincy - Arrancar - Bounto
    Should'nt Vizards be up there if Arrancar is up there?
    Just replace the Bounto with them, joke or not, since they became what they were from the experiments, not natural. Or can they reproduce?

    Hollow server = Hueco Mundo
    Shinigami server = Soul Society
    Quincy server = Earth
    Quincy also resided in Soul Society untill the genocide of their people began.
    So why not have the choice between the Earth and Sould Society Servers if they chose Quincy?

    Other than that, I'd play it lol.

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    quincy never resided in SS... to live in SS you must be dead... Quincy are living human beings... Besides Quincy's way is completely against SS rules... Quincy Unbalance the flow of souls.

    I would like to think on a game like that where you can either be Shinigami or hollow... Adding the choice of quincy would only make things odd, cause supposedly it is only 1 clan 1 family so every player that plays quincy would be family...

    About leveling I would like to see you getting Experience points and using it to buy what you want to increase, instead of leveling up so you would spend your points in raising Strenght, Dexterity, maybe a skill, or increasing your sword, or learning new incantations, even mastering the ones you have if you are a shinigami for example

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    Jobs one could take

    Shinigami - Starts like a student where ones learns about everything a shinigami has to learn. Once graduated, depending on his spects he is given a certain squad, in wich is instructed to release his shikai, if he train enough he could get his bankai, create new techs and maybe, if given the time, he can be a vice captain, if lucky, a cap. Any time while begin a shinigami, he can be a Vizard, not needed the houkyo, just decides to release his hollow powers

    Quincy.- Start as a normal human, but later, using his family lineage turns into a quincy, strating from releasing his spirit powers, on to be a full quincy and recieve the quincy cross. Not much for them

    Abnormal Human.- Don Kanonji, Inoue, Chad, Ichigo, have a guess of how a carachter like this would be. Also be able to turn into a Shinigami, but getting a Shikai is pretty hard, not mentioning a Bankai, but easier to achieve the Vaizard powers than a normal Shinigami

    Hollow.- This, is an alter path of beign a Human or Quincy, then be killed by a hollow and turning into one, start getting power by eating more humans and fighting Shinigamis, trying to be a menos grande, from wich one 'll need to fight another hollows and absorb em, remember that a menos grande is a conjunction of various hollows on 1, once beign a Menos, starts as a Gillian, fighting and absorbing another gillians would get to more powerfull until you reach the Adjuchas level, the same process occurs here, absorbing another adjucas or gillians raise yer level till you reach da Vastorode lvl. Turning into a Arrancar needs to get in touch with the houkyoku, turning into a espada, well, need to beat the current spadas to gain more lvl and reputation. One can fight NPC hollows or playable carachter hollow to achieve this

    As for the game engine, a RO type or a L2 type would be good, using cell shading, think cell shading keep a pretty good anime like look on games, just look on DBZ PS2 games and Fate Stay Night PC game, cell shading and pretty good games

    Now, someone asked how could death be treated, i think it can be treated like this

    Human Killed By Hollow = Turn into Hollow
    Shinigami Killed by Hollow (and its derivated classes) = As we know, a Zanpaktou is a sould releasing weapon, so, if a player shinigami kills a hollow player, the hollow player reborns on ryokongai and has the option of beign a Shinigami, pretty cool huh?
    Shingami Killed by Shinigami = Reborn on SS
    Human Killed By Shinigami = Not posible
    Human or Quincy Killed by Human or Quincy = Goes to Ryokongai, from where one can turn into a Shinigami. In case of a Quincy, easier to turn into a Shingami, as he already know how to use Spirit power
    Hollow (and its derivated classes) killed by Hollow (and its derivated classes) = Certain Death, get a new carachter
    Shinigami killed by Quincy = Reborn in SS with heavy penalties
    Quincy killed by Shinigami = Rebron in Ryokongai. Getting to be a Shinigami is pretty easy or em

    This is, if the player cannot resurrect, if there another player of the same class, or a similar one, he can be resurrected, with some penalties, but keep on playing his char.

    Other thing that can be used is, following my recomendations, or reborn, but with some OMFG penalties
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    Are you actually considering making a game or are people just brainstorming?

    One thing about the Shinigami is that the Zanpakuto isn't all they have. You also have to remember the kidou and the hand to hand combat.

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    I'm thinking of maybe starting my own game company after some experience working with already established game companies (for 2-4 years). I've been told to have good ideas for games and storylines so I really am considering focusing my degree more on the gaming area. I'm already working on a manga. But thats been a couple of months in development so far (11 months for storyline) and were now in plot-hole removal mode, lmao. I'm just seeing if a game like this came out, what would be generally accepted and what wouldn't...


    Ne way, as far as the death works...I myself like the whole "if you die, you've got to start over in some other place". Its like everyone has one life so they actually take better care of it. But...i think that would also take the fun out of it for casual players... What if there was a serious consequence for dieing? (wtf is the gerund form of "die"!) Like for instance...lets say they can take some exp points FROM you or even take a level or something... One thing i think should be a must is the feature to duel for specific things: actual levels, exp points, weapons, etc.

    Someone mentioned hand to hand combat and demon arts, yeah these should definently be worked on. I think a game like this would only work with seperate* levels that averaged into an all around level.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat: Level 10
    Sword skill: Level 3
    Demon Magic: Level 12

    level displayed: Level 8

    Well...that doesn't make that much sense now that i look at it. First off, different classes chosen in the beginning would start you off higher in different areas. 2nd I dont think specific Level numbers (that increase EVERY attribute) would work. there should probably be titles associated with a few levels.

    For instance:
    Char 1:
    Race: shinigami
    class: Hand-to-Hand Combat (it'll be a much cooler name of course...)
    Level: Captain Class (or Vice-Captain Class, Officer Class maybe, etc)

    I think it adds to the game if you dont know exactly HOW strong someone is (of course there would be a hard to obtain item or ability that can tell you specifics of a person...) But it would be difficult to have an overall level number that you can tell someone (to brag or something...) Especially if you specialize in something. i think depending on what class you choose (fighter, healer, etc), THAT would be the level someone else sees of you.

    for instance if i choose a hand2hand class and someone came to battle me, they would know that i am a Level 33 Hand2Hand (insert class name) by analyzing me (my guess is that they have to see you in action at least and click the 'Analyze Battle' to see that number depending on what kind of attack you were using...) So someone could be Level 33 Hand2Hand which is their title but they could also be Level 32 Sword User or a Level 54 Demon Magician. So just like in the show, you wouldn't know FOR SURE unless you saw them battle and OBSERVED then you would get an actual read out ONLY on what kind of attack they did. So if he uses Hadou 33...and you analyzed STILL wont know he can really REALLY use that zanpakutou well.

    What do you guys think about that?

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    I think this needs to be put into a later timeframe possibly after everything settles, however, they could make different portals ect. using npc shinigamis and their zanpakuto's to allow people to go back in time and do this and that ect ect. Therefore there would be no time issue and basing the game on the manga/anime story also would be susceptible. Although I think for this to properly work, a movie needs to be made so that not only anime and manga geeks know what the hell bleach is. Without this, theres not much of a chance of success especially since all the current Bleach games have not been extremely popular outside of the anime/manga community.

    Voice recognition.. hah.. gay. What if your mute or deaf? Also recognition futures of current generation dont work very well and are extremely buggy.

    Basically, have an inital starting point of a Human. Be in a safezone and progress the last few days of your life in like an hour or so making choices to specify your class type ect. Eventually you will uncover a battle between quincy, shinigami and hollows. Then events occur and you basically help one of them so the others lose and then you end up from some event becoming one of the three. Then from there you can go into specifics and later as you progress to Bankai stage and max out everything at that you can then go and "attempt" to progress into a hollow mix which is in a game prospective should not be any more or less superior then being normal but instead you get certain perks but also you lose certain things. For example, you can equip your mask and have a bonus of like 10percent damage to all ranged attacks for 30seconds and increased speed ect ect. Therefore there is no stupid issue of rarity of the class and inbalance. The same idea would fall with Arrancar, however, the limits would have to be something similar so that there is balance.

    Skills system.. dont even start.. they're extremely complex and making one online wouldnt make much sense because theres no way to accurately make one, but, for all folks from now on maybe try making a tree?


    Inital Type ( ex, healing,power, speed, amount, unique)

    Then branchs from there leading to Bankai.

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    How would you have arrancar and vaizard in the game without the hogyoku? There wouldn't be any cameos from the game except* for when an NPC Aizen appears (just a boss) and does the world event. Seems like a pretty decent idea for me. It wouldn't be the EXACT same bleach story but it would be like a parallel universe.

    As for the voice recognition comment...What if you're deaf or mute? I dont mean to sound anal but I dont think those things are considered when creating a video game. What about DDR? How do you accomadate folks who can't walk? What about Karoake Revolution? You can't play that if you're mute or deaf...and we are NOT talking about CURRENT generation. A system like this that would be acceptable can not be done with current gen. Thats why im saying what would you like to see in it that WOULD make it great. Worry about what can* and can't* be done...later.

    I think the whole thing about starting as a human then moving on to a specific class would be a waste of time UNLESS if it was used as sort of introductory control tutorial. The reason im saying its a waste of time other than that is because what if you KNOW what you want to be? Do you always have to spend an hour going through some event just to choose what to become. What if you wanted to be a pure shinigami from the start. (like a noble, who should have some of his stats higher in the beginning)

    Skills System
    Let's not focus on whats difficult or can't be done and focus more on what we want. Yes* a complex skills system is the only* way to go. All the best games have complex skills system. By the tree system do you mean like the Sphere Grid on FFX? I always found that to be somewhat limiting and confusing (i still beat the game tho!). Furthermore if someone asks you about your skills how would you describe your tree to them? Thats a unique idea ive never seen in a MMO, could you elaborate on how it would work?

    I think specific levels on specific attributes, then levels even on specific abilities, is the way to go. The game's system should match the feel of Bleach as close as possible.


    Lets say you set the criteria for what certain levels mean:

    Level 1-10: Beginner
    Level 11-20: Intermediate
    Level 21-30: Officer
    Level 31-40: Vice-Captain
    Level 50-65: Captain
    Level 66-85: General
    Level 86-Level 100: Commander General

    PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS AN EXAMPLE...(keep flames and insults to ur self)

    Now with that in mind lets say you start game off as Shini and you choose a class that specializes in demon magic. Your stats would look like this:

    Name: Kurosaki Ichigo
    Race: Shinigami
    Class: Beginner [Insert Magic User Name]
    Level: 1 (also assume that each level contains a certain amount of exp. points, Level 1 is 0; Level 5 is 100; level 20 is 10,000 [example])
    Seat: N/A
    Squad: N/A (Shingami School acts as introductory control tutorial for shini so until you get a soul slayer, this is N/A)

    SO...that is your overall info. If someone ask you, thats what you say. Now of course, if someone [analyzes] your skills while u use them in battle, they'll know the specifics of that attribute. Of course, Analyzation is a skill that must be developed as well. Now you graduate from school and your info becomes:

    Name: Kurosaki Ichigo
    Race: Shinigami
    Class: Intermediate [Insert Magic User Name]
    Level: 12
    Seat: N/A
    Affiliation: Substitue Shinigami (pretty much a shini who isn't part of gotei 13 and resides on earth, ie he is neutral or something or is a loner)

    Now if you looked at a deeper list of what he can do, it would say:

    Demon Magic: Level 12
    Hadou 33 - (name ?) Level 7
    Hadou 46 - (name? ) Level 12
    (your Demon Magic level would be the highest level any one of your spells obtained)

    Zanpakutou: Level 53 (captain class...this is much further in the game of course, just an example, this level depends on what you can do with your zanpakutou)
    Shikai: N/A or Obtained
    Name: Zangetsu
    Command: Shout (?)
    Ability: Eat reiatsu and toss out
    Skill 1: Getsuga Tenshou 3 (1=u've done it b4, still working on it; 2= i can do it sometimes, still working; 3=ive got perfect control)
    Skill 2: n/a
    Skill 3: n/a (lets keep it simple and say all shikai can have at most 3 skills)
    Ban Kai: Obtained or N/A (if its obtained, ur zanpakutou level automatically goes to 50 for captain class)
    Name: ---
    Skill 1: Kuroi Getsuga Tenshou Level 2 (i can do it, but it still hurts me or has a negative affect on the user)

    from that you can get an idea of how to have specific levels on specific attributes and skills. Imagine if you're battling someone you've never met before then he flash steps behind you and you [analyze/observe] what he just did. If you're skill in analyzation is at the required would see that his Shunpo skill is at a Level 42. Thats trouble for you cuz you are only a Level 24 in Shunpo....So now lets say he pulls his sword out to where you deflect it easily or it doesn't hurt you that much (or at all) and maybe even his own sword is cracking whilst hitting yours. If you [analyze/observe] you would see his Zanpakutou skills is Level 12 while you in fact specialize in sword use seeing as how you're official class is Level 39 Soul Slayist (name?). Now you think you can beat him until he backs off and uses a chantless high-level spell in the 80s and of course you know thats trouble cuz 1. its a 80s class spell, 2. he said no chant, 3. it took a significant amount of damage. Without using the observe skill and using your own, you can tell you are in trouble. But if you did use the observe skill, you would see that he specializes in demon magic and his official class is Level 56 Magician (name?). Get it?

    I think that would add to the suspense of the game and feel of it too. What do you guys think? Set implementation and programming aside, if it was done right, do you think that would be something you would think is great? Or what changes would you make?

    Also, Reatsu (spelin?) would have its own level. That way if Reatsu is released by a level 52 and another gentleman who is Level 8...someone is either going to fall on their knees or even worse...pass out and wake up at a health clinic (with no battle loss incurred or even any loss of exp). What do you think about that?

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    guilds can be the organizations. and for example a squad member of the gotei 13 can call for backup from his/her squad. im thinking that everyone should be shinigami in it. the hollows are bad guys. and have more seats available for the squads, then by workign togethor or by urself u can go take out hollows randomly (they'll be weak) or get an assignment for a strong hollow. the shikai/bankai system could work like u choose a element type/ability in the beginning or it is randomnly given. then once u power up to a certain point u get a power up lvl thing revealing ur shikai powers. there should also be a limit for how long u can use shikai/bankai as u start to get tired... but yeah it sounds like a good concept

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    Wow, i completely forgot about elemental attachements to swords. Good idea!

    As far as time limits ago. What if that was attached to reatsu (which is the number of spiritrons within ones body). So that way a person who just got ban kai can't really do it for that long since it requires a steady flow of 300 sps (spiritrons per second). A regular sword has a 0 SpS requirement while a shikai has like 100 SpS. Now if the user has his Reatsu Level at 20 then lets say that means he has a Reatsu of 10,000 (for example). Now if you say that each char. also has a Life Reatsu of 100 (that can be increased, lets consider this ur "health bar") then without doing any shunpo or magic that would require reatsu and without power up to use more SpS and have the attacks stronger then you can maintain the Ban Kai for 33 seconds. After that your Battle Reatsu is empty and now you are using you Life Reatsu...if 1/4 of your health is left, your ban kai dissappears since you are near death. This allows for some intense battles and also some strategy.

    For instance, if you realize that your opponenets Sword level is so high that you just blocking it will break your sword, you can just put it away and use that SpS for something else (such as hand2hand or magic).


    For gotei 13, the whole call for backup is a terrific idea. Im thinking there should be smaller groups within squads...Since each squad would have possibly thousands of people. That way if you call for back up (provided your "spirit" phone has any power left), it would automatically go to your group and then you can choose who else it should go to outside of that...maybe other specific groups or specific people. Or even other squads. This would probably work on a buddy list type application im thinking...That would be great for rescue missions of idiots stuck in hueco mundo or earth. lol

    Another cool skill would be to Sense reatsu. Hollows would start off with good sense while shini would have to develop it. Quincy would have nearly perfect sense from the beginning.

    You would be able to adjust the sensitivity of your Sense Skill (depending on how well you developed it of course). Also you would be able to adjust the emittance of Reatsu (depending on how well you developed your Reatsu control). Think of it like this: Kenpachi had a high emittance of Reatsu and couldn't get cut at first until Ichigo upped his swords SpS. Ichigo could still get cut by Kenpachi's sword however cuz he didn't increase his Reatsu Emmitance (think DEFENSE pretty much).

    A Reatsu Emmitance of 0 renders you undetectable while 100 puts you on full blast. A Reatsu Sensitivity of 100 will notice EVERYTHING...even little peons. Will 0 will notice nothing and 1 will notice only the strongest of characters. Think of the strategy here and also cat and mouse games that some might play on each other.

    What do you think?


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