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Speaking of which...I thought this place would be worse, going by Jyuu's description.

He made it sound somewhere between spoon-feeding toxic waste to babies, and Barney and Friends hopped up on PCP holding knives.

Did this place recently calm down?
Don't worry jakko, you don't have to chase mutant rabbits with machette...very often =)

It's been calm for a while now... almost boring...
okay.. it IS boring here

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I'm still the mod here... although people forget it and accuse me of not doing things, it IS still mine and it is clean XD
People can't forget that you're a mod here, you made a wonderful welcome sticky for us xD
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Things are/were ok... I still don't know why Jyuu wanted another here. I would be offended if I didn't like Jakko lol

Yes, credit where credits due, Kaze is in here more than I am and I really appreciate her covering for me when I slack off ><