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    Its the fact that hinamori is a demon arts master that we think shes stronger then him.

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    8. Sasakibe Choutarou (1st)
    That's the name i was looking for! Thanks, KibaKilla.

    11. Ise Nanao (8th) Don't remember if she even fought.
    12. Kurotshuchi Nemu (12th) Don't remember if she even fought.
    To the best of all of our knowledge, Nanao has not fought, but Nemu does possess some skill in martial arts (example being her against Ishida in the Bounto Filler).
    Nanao was most likely was chosen as Vice Captain so that Kyouraku taicho could get closer to her (hehe), and her proficiency with bureaucratic and administrative tasks. We do know that she has some fighting ability, but we never saw it since she was overwhelmed my Yamajii's reisatsu.

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    Ugh... this is definitely too much work and much too nitpicky. But I'll say with absolute confidence that the vice-captains who have been given attention (i.e. more than one frame) are more powerful than those who have been ignored. So secret ops vice is weaker than 9th division etc. And... maybe the 4th, cuz she's likely to be a medic first and shini second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KibaKilla View Post
    1. Abarai Renji (6th)
    2. Matsumoto Rangiku (10th)
    3. Kusajika Yachiru (11th) come on Kenpachi's Vice Captain she gotta be Strong
    4. Kira Izuru (3rd)
    5. Hinamori Momo (5th)
    6. Iba Tetsuzaemon (7th)
    7. Hisagi Shuuhei (9th)
    8. Sasakibe Choutarou (1st)
    9. Koutestu Isane (4th)
    10. Oomaeda Marechiyo (2nd)
    11. Ise Nanao (8th) Don't remember if she even fought.
    12. Kurotshuchi Nemu (12th) Don't remember if she even fought.
    I agree with this one.

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    and probably most of this vice captains would lose to Ikkaku
    and i think KibaKilla´s order is the most probably order (imo)

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    I'd rank it this way.

    0. Kuchiki Byakuya
    If you remember, Byakuya replaced Renji for a while in the vice-captain meetings during the Bounto arc because Renji was up at the surface. And he's stronger than Renji, so he takes the place of numero 0. Just joking. XD

    1. Abarai Renji
    The fact that he has a Bankai makes him the sole contender for first place. What else is there to say? XD

    2. Kusajishi Yachiru
    Considering that she's the vice-captain of the 11th Division, the squad that has the shinigami that specializes in battling, I'd say she's quite strong. Plus, Kenpachi isn't the type to play favorites, so I think it'd be safe to say that Yachiru became the vice-captain through her strength. Her aura of doom was enough to make a messenger shiver in fear, and she has quite the powerful shunpo, as seen at the near end of the Soul Society arc.

    3. Shiba Kaien
    Frankly, I rank him up here because he was the running force of the 13th Division until his death. Not to mention his fight against the hollow that destroyed his zanpakuo. Despite the fact that he'd lost his weapon, he fought against that thing with his hands, ripping off the tentacles like no tomorrow. Plus, he's supposed to be a progidy too.

    4. Matsumoto Rangiku
    Considering that she was one of the shinigami chosen to go the surface during the Arrancar arc, I'd say she's quite strong. Also, she didn't release her zanpakuto against the Arrancar Nakim until the end, unlike Renji and Toshiro, who went out full frontal with their bankais, so I think that might be a plus for her, too. And there's something to be said of her defeat of Kira, although that might be because Kira was devastated at the news of Hinamori's supposed death.

    5. Iba Tetsuzaemon
    Might be strange to put him here, but if you remember, he did fight against Ikkaku equally during the Soul Society arc. Granted, Ikkaku wasn't using his Bankai, but even without his Bankai, Ikkaku was able to match against the Arrancar Edorad Leones without his release. Plus, he's well-rounded, as Ikkaku comments, in both demon arts and swordsmanship. Finally, he was also from the 11th Division, and the only reason he left it was for his mother's sake. Meaning he's not a weak pansy.

    6. Hinamori Momo
    Out of all the vice-captains, she's probably the best versed in demon arts. Plus, she, along with Kira and Renji, were the three chosen by Aizen because he saw their potential. And I think that's a lot coming from the shinigami who mastered all the four styles. Plus, she has a lot of heart. Her loyalty to Aizen gave her the courage to go against two captains - Toshiro and Gin - without fear.

    7. Kira Izuru
    Like his two classmates, his was handpicked by Aizen, and that says a lot. I put him here because after I did everyone else, this was the only spot left. His zanpakuto's unique ability does make him a formidable opponent - the only reason he (probably) got beaten badly by Rangiku was because her zanpakuto's ability made it immune to his.

    8. Kurotsuchi Nemu
    Frankly, I think Nemu is an awesome fighter. It's just that she's kind of overshadowed by the flashier vice-captains. I say this because of the short glimpse of her power we get in the Uryu and Mayuri fight. She's skilled in hand-to-hand fighting, but what I really think is her strength is her durability. She's basically artificial, since she's an artificial soul and body put together, so she's like a robot. Or something. Mayuri also says that even if Nemu is severely injured, she'll survive.

    9. Sasakibe Chojiro
    I really, really wish this man could be placed higher. I think the only reason he got knocked out in one hit was to prove Ichigo's strength. Cause this man is the vice-captain of the 1st Division. The freaking 1st Division, the leading division. I just put him here because this was the highest spot that I could manage for him. We might be able to switch him with Nemu, though. XD

    10. Hisagi Shuhei
    Sure, he might have been able to become a seated officer without additional exams because of his talent. But he's also the guy who got held back in the Academy, as stated by Kira. I don't count the Bounto arc, since that's filler.

    11. Ise Nanao
    Because I've never seen her battle, I can't be sure of her abilities. She seems more like a demon art person. Probably chosen because of her skills in organization and management.

    12. Kotetsu Isane
    Not to be biased (actually, I do) but she's the vice-captain of the 4th Division. She majors in healing, not in fighting. She seems to be more skilled in non-combative demon arts, judging from her awesome PA System skills.

    13. Omaeda Marechiyo
    Frankly, he's dumb and stupid. He doesn't seem to have any skill whatsoever. He probably only got to be a vice-captain because of family connections. Size doesn't really account for strength in Soul Society, as shown by characters who are half his size yet kick twice more behinds.

    Thing I want to emphasize is, the fact that a vice-captain is low on the list does not make them weak. In the case of Iba, Hinamori and Kira, I count them to be similar, if not equal, in terms of combat. I just numbered them depending on my preferences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1mch1 View Post
    Sasaki is no where near Rank 1, as he was fell by Ichigo in one blow. Renji is definately #1, with Matsumoto and Kira following after him.
    That was just to save us from a long drawn out fight -_-.
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    not to take into consideration waht happened in the fillers

    renji though got whopped many time he still achieved bankai and defied his captain.
    II. yachiru she is guna be smthn, she hangs wit zaraki all the time cmon!
    III. iba remember his duel with ikaku he was almost as strong as him
    IV. hisage
    V. kira wabisuke has a very tricky nature
    VI. matsumoto
    VII. nanao i have a feeling she has smthn goin on
    VIII. hinamori master of kido
    IX. sasaki first div vice has to have smthn up his kimono
    X. nemu she can get regenerated wenever, plus she has to deal with her dad all the time.
    XII. omaeda i just dnt like this dude

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    1. Yachiru
    2. Renji
    3. Rangiku
    4. Iba
    5. Kira
    6. Hinamori
    7. Hisaagi
    8. Isane
    9. Sasaki
    10. Omaeda
    11. Nanao
    12. Nemu

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    Frankly, I believe the only reason that Sasakibe lost so easily was because there was a need to demonstrate Ichigo's strength. I mean, he's the Vice-Captain of the 1st Division, which is the leading division.

    Nemu should probably be ranked higher, since she has great durability, as shown in the Ishida versus Mayuri battle.


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