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    i think aizen is strong but not as strong as every one believes him 2 b, if aizen didn't have that shikai then would he b that strong?...... the reason i think aizen fears no1 becuase he has the only person who can fight him immune 2 his hypotic powers is on his side..........(which i think would make a badass plot twist if tousen killed aizen although i doubt that would happen) i think the only person would kick the shit outta aizen would b tousen cuz his bankai would kill aizen n tousen being blind renders aizen's shikai useless, but since we kno nothing of aizens bankai i could b completely wrong, but this is only my speculation....

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    3/4 of u are fucking homos
    the thread maker specifically said at the start, please keep out manga spoilers from his discussion

    learn to read

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    Some people are guaranteed to die by the end as there are so many charactes, just like Naruto. It`s a pretty safe bet Yamato will get killed, maybe not by Aizen but it would have to be someone ridiculously strong (maybe Tousen? then fox-heed (forgot his name) will do the whole getting angry and kicking the fuck out of him shtick) <---exessive bracket use noted.

    Anyway, Yamato is guaranteed to die not only because he is the head of SS but because he has acted like a total arse-heap the whole time. Reckons he`s bloody Charlie Potaotes so he does

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    Aizen would win.

    Sure, Yamamoto is strong. But Aizen is stronger. He even took down a captain with a destructive art #90 (black coffin)
    So he could just fire one of those at Yamamoto and he would be beat or pretty heavily damaged. That or Aizen would just use the good old "Suprise, i'm actually standing behind you and not 30 yards away. Oh, and I stabbed you 4 times."

    Aizen > Everyone in the manga/anime atm.

    except Kon and Don Kanonji
    Bohahahahaha X
    \"It is much better for you to be feared than to be loved.\"

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    I'm sure Aizen already is a vaizard.... correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't he say when he was leaving soul society that he had already reached the peak of shinigami powers... and that to become stronger he needed to mix with a hollow using the hougyoku.... so why the hell wouldnt he transform himself at this time and risk creating something stronger than himself.... (wonderweiss)????
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    Thats the exact reason why Aizen stole the Hougyoku in the 1st place, to furthur improve on his powers. You know, it might be possible dat Aizen was the most powerful captain in Gotei 13. His shikai is what made the others think he's much weaker than he actually is. Man, his shikai is already damn powerful. I shudder to think what his ban kai will be...


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